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Mixed Cases and Sampler Packs

Don't miss our monthly mixed case or 6 pack wine sampler, hand picked by our wine manager, and at a fantastic price versus buying the wines individually! We also created a few "care packages" or "covid coping case" that have been very popular throughout the pandemic.

Because of Covid, we've all be spending a lot less time at restaurants, sporting events, concerts and around town in general.  Which means more time at home depleting the wine cellar. To help speed up your shopping trip to Taylor's and get safely back home, we've created some "care packages" of our best selling wines at great discounts that you can just grab and go!

Please note that our wine deliveries have become understandably unpredictable, so we may need to make appropriate substitutions on occasion when supplies of certain wines dictate.  Thanks.

Mixed Cases and Sampler Packs


Save 24%
Save 23%
Save 32%
Save 31%
Save 30%
February 2024 Mixed Sampler Case Special

2 reviews
$ 19000 $ 27000
Save 22%
Save 21%
Monthly Subscription Case - 12 Bottle Option

2 reviews
$ 23500 $ 29900
Save 26%
sake lover sampler
Save 7%
next level 6 bottle sake sampler
Save 8%
Save 19%
intro to sake 6 pack sampler
Save 10%
Save 10%
Maynard James Keenan Wines Sampler Pack #1 -

1 review
$ 26000 $ 29000
Save 8%
Maynard James Keenan Wines Sampler Pack #2

3 reviews
$ 22500 $ 24500