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Vortex Roasters

About Vortex Roasters:

"We started Vortex Roasters because of a big love of coffee. A love for the flavors of a great cup, the process of creating that perfect cup and the appreciable nuances between different beans, different roasts and different brewing methods. A love for the sensations of a warm mug on a cool morning with the aromas of coffee drifting through the air as you take that first magical sip is such a memorable one."

We are outdoor enthusiasts and adventure travel addicts who have experienced a broad spectrum of coffee experiences over our careers and our travels, everything from gas station thickened drip reductions after midnight to elegant and sublime cups enjoyed in hole in the wall local cafes in foreign countries. As our appreciation and search for that elusive perfect cup expanded our knowledge, we regularly became coffee "tourists", searching out the best roasters and the notable cafes in nearly every city and town we visited.

We became enamored by the art or roasting, the science of coffee bean selection and the intersection of those elements in creating the beans for the ideal cup. We thank you for joining us on our journey and we look forward to providing you the coffee that propels you along on yours. "

Mark and Dawn

Vortex Roasters


Vortex Roasters - Sumatran Mandheling Coffee 12oz Whole Beans / 12oz coffee
Vortex Roasters - Columbia Excelso 12oz Whole Beans / 12oz coffee
Vortex Roasters - Organic Mexican Chiapas Coffee