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Thanksgiving Dinner Beer Pairings

Thanksgiving Dinner Beer Pairings

Looking For What Beers Pair Best With Your Thanksgiving Dinner?

We Got You Covered!!


Dish: Oven-Roasted Turkey

Pairs with: Amber Or Brown Ale

Our Picks:

Amber: Bell's Amber

Brown: Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale


Dish: Ham (smoked or oven)

Pairs with: Pilsner Or Lager

Our Picks:

Pilsner: Jackalope Sarka Pilsner

Lager: Edward Teach Cutlass Lager


Dish: Veggies

Pairs with: Wheats, Whites & Wits

Our Picks:

Avery White Rascal or Allagash White


Dish: Pies

Pairs with: Dunkels

Our Picks: Warsteiner Dunkel