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Is Sauvignon Blanc a Summer Wine?

Is Sauvignon Blanc a Summer Wine?

Few wines scream "summer" louder than Sauvignon Blanc and just like everybody has their own idea of what the perfect summer day is like, the interpretations and styles of Sauvignon Blanc are just as varied.
Most agree that Sauvignon Blanc originated in north-west France, specifically in the regions known today as the Loire Valley and Bordeaux. It was first brought to California in the 1880's and to New Zealand in the 1970's. There are few wine growing regions now that do not grow Sauvignon Blanc as it is a vigorous variety that buds late and ripens early, avoiding frost and rainy season dangers. The great thing about Sauvignon Blanc is that it expresses its terroir more purely than any other varietal and proudly displays homeland through aroma and palate.
One can often tell where an unoaked Sauvignon Blanc is generally from by its nose alone: 
Pink Grapefruit and Gooseberry - New Zealand/Southern Hemisphere
Lemongrass and Herbal Notes - California
Green Apples and Chalky Minerality - Loire Valley
Pears, Lemon/Lime Zest and Gravelly Minerals - Bordeaux
Add some barrel ageing to the equation and another whole world of flavors come to light, spice, oak, vanilla, honeysuckle and ginger get added to the mix.
We're "Silly for Sauvignon Blanc" at Taylor's and after reading this and trying a few for yourself, we hope you will be too. To help encourage you to explore, all Sauvigon Blancs will be on sale for the month of June. Save 10% off bottles and 15% off when you buy six or more.