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Vortex Roasters - Sumatran Mandheling Coffee 12oz

$ 1499
Whole Beans

Grown in nutrient dense soils of active volcanoes, this coffee is prized for somewhat bold profile.  Processed using a wet hulled method prior to drying that is unique to the region (Giling Basah process) that hulls the beans from the coffee much earlier in the process that creates a natural sweetness and is thought to reduce the acidity of the bean.  Our recent cupping has the traditional Su,atran flavors of dark rich chocolates and clean syrupy mouthfeel.  Mild vanilla and a very short lived clean bright finish not unlike a nice dry red wine.  This is our darkest roasted coffee at medium dark to bring out that exotic spice and brown sugar like flavors. 

Medium Dark Roast, Wet Hulled to Natural Process, Elevation of 900m to 1200m, Mandheling Varietal, Single Origin

Roasting Notes - Vortex Roasters, Pittsboro, NC