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Vortex Roasters - Columbia Excelso 12oz

$ 1499
Whole Beans

The coffee that Juan Valdez made famous...or was it the other way around?!  This rich, dark roast full bodied coffee has its origins in the Andes highlands of central Colombia.  The majority of Colombia's coffee producers are small family owner farms that participate in cooperatives for processing and exporting. This specific Excelso comes from the Antioquia region just north of the city Medellin.

It is exceptionally well balanced with only a mild acidity, moderate sweetness and a bit of roasty flavors in the cup.  In the cupping the flavors of bakers chocolate and/or cocoa come through richly with mild citrus notes subtly present.  As the cup cools just slightly or is blended with milk, dark cherry notes reveal themselves on the finish.

Excelso is a grading of Colombia coffee buyers and reflects on the size/quality of the bean lot.  It is not an indication of varietal or region/origin.  Colombia Excelso coffee flavors may differ significantly from farmer/producers depending on those specifics.


Roasted: Dark (Vienna Roast)

VarietalColombia, Castillo, Caturra

Elevation: 1300-1600m 

 Process: Washed then sun dried

Roasting Notes - Vortex Roasters, Pittsboro, NC