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Tutela Pinot Grigio

$ 1099

Winemaker Notes

When we first got the Tutela Pinot Grigio in a couple weeks ago, we knew it was really great for the price and would be a hit, but we had no idea that it would sell as quickly as it did.  Apparently, neither did the distributor, as they also ran out.  Good news is that it is finally back in stock and they’ve promised to keep plenty on hand.  The color for this delicious and affordable quaffer is a pale green tinged, wheat yellow and it has a delightful nose of ripe lemons and apples, a little honey, some lime, light spice, and a floral edge. On the palate it is a light-bodied wine with bright acidity and subtle but crisp flavors. It starts with a nice blend of sharp apple and soft pear, and grapefruit (not too tart) leading into notes of delicious pears with hints of mature chamomile.

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