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Montetondo Garganega Frizzante as

$ 1699 $ 1899

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Montetondo Garganega Frizzante as is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Monte Tondo is regularly recognized as one of the top producers in all of Soave,
having garnered a small mountain (a “poggio”, if you will) of medals, awards, and
ratings. From the same hillside cru used to produce their Soave Classico comes
this “semi-sparkler”, a delightful frizzante that is light, zippy, and truly delicious.
You’ve rarely (if ever) had Garganega like this – with aromas of citrus, pear blossom,
and sea salt – all lifted by a gentle spritz. An intelligent, mineral-driven alternative
to Prosecco, at a compelling price!

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