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Larry's Coffee - The Grand Turk 12oz

$ 1499

Roasting Notes: Something for the adventurous coffee lover. This blend of Ethiopian coffees highlights two distinct processing methods in the same cup. Washed, or wet processed coffee, is produced by removing the cherry from the bean within 6 hours of harvesting. Water is run through a depulping machine which removes the fruit. This is the standard process that you can find in our Ethiopia Mama Nile. Unwashed, or dry processed coffee, is produced by laying the cherries to dry in the sun for up to 14 days before the fruit is removed. This process tends to produce an exotic flavor which is very unique and prized among coffee connoisseurs. This blend of the two processes is rich, wild, and unabashedly fruity with a wine-like swirl of acidity. Medium bodied with chocolate notes and a bourbon finish. - Larry's Beans