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Kubota Senjyu Thousand Dreams Ginjo Sake - 300ml

$ 1399

Kubota Senjyu Thousand Dreams Ginjo Sake - 300ml is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The sake that began it all, Senjyu was the Kubota line's very first product, introduced in 1985. Brewed to make sake more compatible with the modern diet, it was clean and crisp, completely different from the rich, opulent sake that were in vogue at the time. 35 years later, they have continued to search for a even more fresh sake to adapt with the ever-evolving diets of society. To celebrate Asahi's 100 year anniversary and Kubota's 35th year anniversary, Senjyu has been renewed. Making their koji (fungus that helps the rice break down to sugar) higher in enzymes, resulting in more sugar, they've succeeded in keeping the same trademark crispness, but added more roundness and depth. A jubilant nose of banana cream pie, dried fruits, nutmeg, clove and ripe plum, with flavors of caramel and cocoa, all encased in a silky, dry, clean package. Crisp, clean and exciting. 

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