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Kinshihai Shuzo Yuki-Kage "Snow Shadow" Tokubetsu Junmai Sake (300ml)

$ 1599

As a Junmai-shu, this sake is made only with water, rice, koji, and yeast (i.e. no added distilled alcohol to enhance flavor/aroma). The designation of Tokubetsu means in the most general sense that this is a “special” product to the brewer. This is made with a fairly high polish rate (58%) of Gohyakumangoku and koshiibuki rice.  This aromatic sake has a nose filled with green apple, bamboo, steamed rice, apricot and pudding elements.  The fuller apricot and rice pudding notes come forth immediately on the front of the palate, but it is the green apple, rosewater and bright acidity that helps this refreshing Sake finish light and clean.  Typical of Sake made from Niiagata's famous water.