Kiku Masamune Junmai Kimoto Sake - 1.8L

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By borrowing the power of the same naturally-occuring lactobacillae that have been produced in the Kiku-Masamune brewery for generations, this carefully & deliberately brewed sake Kimoto Junmai is born in the heart of the Nada ward of Hyogo (a region historically famous for Sake) where the brewery has been operating since the early Edo period of Japan. The sake itself has a deep, round flavor and is excellent at any temperature with nearly any kind of food.

This "magnum" (1.8 liter) is perfect for dinners with friends, or just to keep in the fridge and sip on for a week or two. Remember, Sake's don't quickly go bad like wine after opening, so buy the large size and save big!
1.8L size