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Cowboy Yamahai Sake

$ 3499

YeeHaw! The nose on this storied sake is a collection of musky fruits, straw, steamed rice, and caramel elements. Howdy Partner! And welcome to a super full-bodied sake that appeals to big red wine drinkers. Complex, layered, saucy, deep, rich, bold, ricey this Cowboy is the real deal. With an 19% alcohol content this vast and savory sake is a real mouthful that is as smooth as it is solid. It’s character is a perfect food pairing partner that compliments everything from steak and game to fowl and shellfish. There are creamy hints of sweet rice and nughet that pop on an acidity push. You kill it and grill it and Cowboy Yamahai will thrill it! WORD: Beefy WINE: Big reds/Huge whites BEER: Strong ales FOODS: The works! Bigger the better.