Bodegas Arraez Cava Sutra NV Cava

$ 15.99
For those really special occasions, there's no substitute for real Champagne, nothing else will do. But since Champagne prices start at around $45, most of us can't afford to pop the cork on the "real thing" on an average Tuesday night. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the magic that happens when grapes are carefully grown, made into top quality wine, and transformed into bubbly magic through a slow secondary fermentation process that happens inside the bottle. That's what we have with the cheekily named Cava Sutra. Cava Sutra has a brilliant, pale yellow color, with very delicate bubbles and a creamy froth. On the nose, the intensity of white fruits stands out, combined in a balanced way with citric notes that contribute freshness and youth.  In the mouth, it is round and velvety, smooth on the palate but intense with delicate bubbles, well integrated and invites repetition.