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Party Wines Under $16

As we get into the holiday season, we have the perfect Party Wines available everyday in bulk quantities including all the Noah River Wines which are Cory’s favorite go to’s under $16! 
Party Wines Under $16


Peirano Family "Illusion" Red - Taylor's Wine Shop
Peirano Family "Illusion" Red

1 review
$ 1699
J Dusi Wines "Model M" Red Blend - Taylor's Wine Shop
Save 20%
Noah River California Pinot Noir - Taylor's Wine Shop
Noah River California Cabernet Sauvignon Wine
Vinos Libres El Jefe Tempranillo 1L - Taylor's Wine Shop
Pavette California Pinot Noir Wine
Pavette California Pinot Noir

1 review
$ 1499
Carmenet California Chardonnay - Taylor's Wine Shop
Save 20%
Soldiers Block Shiraz - Taylor's Wine Shop