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Why we love California's Sauvignon Blanc

Why we love California's Sauvignon Blanc

Like many other French varietals, Sauvignon Blanc has found a home in California and there are many fine examples coming from the Sunshine State. Since most areas where the grape is planted in California are warmer than the Loire Valley, Bordeaux and New Zealand and usually have more body, tropical fruit flavors, and softer acidity than the wines made in these cooler climates.

So if New Zealand Sauv Blancs are too racy and grapefruity for you; French ones maybe a little to minerally and acidic for your palate; try one from California before you give up on the varietal.


Here are two fantastic Sauvignon Blanc wines to try from California!

Oak Farm Sauvignon Blanc
Oak Farm Vineyards Lodi Sauvignon Blanc
Reg: $19.99, Taylor's $16.99
Sauv Blanc Sale: $15.29

We've been touting the wines of Dan Panella and Oak Farm a lot lately, but we've been out of his fantastic Sauvignon Blanc for a while, so were super excited to find out that it would be back in time for Sauv Blanc month.

This Sauvignon Blanc captures fruity aromas of citrus, mango, and a touch of lime mixed with pyrazines and earthy characteristics like freshly cut grass and hay. On the palate, these citrus notes are complemented by tropical fruit flavors of guava and passion-fruit. The wine is balanced with crisp acidity and juicy flavors with a lingering finish.

Le Petit Coquerel 2021 Sauvignon Blanc
Coquerel Family Wine Estates "Le Petit Coquerel" Napa Valley Sauvignon
Reg: $29.99, Taylor's: $24.99
Sauv Blanc Sale: $22.49

Coquerel Family Wine Estates is located just beyond the town of Calistoga at the north end of the Napa Valley. The "Le Petit Coquerel" Sauvignon Blanc is pure, fresh and delicious. The nose is expressive and powerful with lemon and guava fragrances. Light green melon, nectarine, and citrus, with a mildly creamy texture that sets the stage for the acid to slowly integrate on the palate. The finish is crisp with a long subtle finish of exotic fruit.