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Uva Non Grata Vin de France Gamay

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Winemaker Notes

100% Gamay.  This is a bright, red licorice-esque wine with a gorgeously interesting nose of musk, white daisies, nutmeg, bright yellow lemon. The palate gives ripe black plum, blackberry, and rhubarb. The name, "Uva Non Grata" refers to Gamay's maligned history of being considered a secondary and unimportant grape compared with Pinot Noir, the more noble Burgundian grape, in fact even outlawed by Philip the Bold in 1395.  The Beaujolais Nouveau craze of the late 20th century didn't do anything to help the quality reputation either.  What it did to was save many Gamay vineyards from replanting so now we can enjoy fabulous, complex, high quality, reasonably priced and delicious Gamay today!

750 ml