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Trujillo Wine Dinner with Michael Trujillo March 26, 2024

$ 11000

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Trujillo Wine Dinner with Michael Trujillo
Tuesday, March 26, 2024
$110.00 per person, includes gratuity

We're bringing the Napa Valley to you!  Come meet the owner and winemaker of Trujillo Wines, Michael Trujillo!  Growing up on a ranch in Colorado, Michael worked acres of hay, barley and vegetables along with sheep and cattle on land tethered to his family for generations. Ranch work taught him old-time craft skills, the love of tinkering with farm equipment and how to grow crops in uncertain weather, all of which prepared him for cultivating grapes and the process of winemaking.

Michael discovered his passion for winemaking in the early 1980s during a spring break from his college studies as an engineer. On a road trip to California, he stayed with a family friend who had a small winery in Napa Valley. It was a life- changing visit, as Michael began to work alongside Jim Allen and his brother Steve in the planting of Sequoia Grove’s vineyard on the Rutherford Bench. He never left Napa Valley.  After a long time as Director of Winemaking and President of Sequoia Grove, Michael resigned to focus on his namesake wines, Trujillo Wines and Madelyn Wines (names after his daughter). 

This will be a buffet style, casual dinner at a private home in north Raleigh, near Taylor's Wine Shop.  Limited to 22 guests.  Our awesome pit master friends at Longleaf Swine will be bringing a mouthwatering array of barbecued meats and southern sides.  This will be a seated dinner, but not paired and coursed.  Mingling is encouraged as you work your way through the following wines made by Michael Trujillo:

Dinner Wines
Madelyn Cuvée Blanc 2022
Madelyn Cuvée Rosé 2022
Madelyn Cuvée Rouge 2021
Trujillo Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2020
Trujillo Henry Bros. Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
Non-Refundable 7 days in advance

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