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"Sake Lover Heaven" 6 Bottle Sampler #3

$ 25500 $ 27500

Sake Sampler #3

Sake sampler #3 has some of the most unique, delicious and most complex Sakes we've come across.  This 6 bottle sampler is a Sake Lover's dream come true in one easy to grab and heavily discounted package!


Hakkaisan Yukimuro “Ice House” Junmai Daiginjo - The minimalist white bottle represents the unique snow-chilling method used in this sake’s brewing. “Yukimuro” is aged for three years in an insulated room next to huge mounds of frigid, mountain snow. This traditional and environmentally-friendly technique adds a smoother, rounder feeling to the already creamy flavor, which is sweetened by hints of pear. Feel the snowy freshness of the slopes anytime with a few sips of “Yukimuro.”

Saga Sake “Yano Umami” Kimoto Koshu Junmai -This rare Koshu sake (aged sake, 5 years here) is brewed by traditional techniques using the wild microorganisms living in the brewery and aged at ambient brewery temperature. Both Kimoto and Koshu method brewing individually create sake that have increased levels of umamai flavor compounds and Saga Sake here combines the two methods to create a uniquely bold and flavorful sake that displays rich, toothsome character and plentiful umami, set in harmonious balance against chewy acidity smoothed through the aging process. The nose has notes of vanilla, nuts, and spices. 

Kubota Junmai Daiginjo - The nose on this special released Kubota is a mild collection of cherry, pear, mango, melon, and floral aromas. Kubota is known for making the prototypical light, clean, and dry style sakes, and this tribute brew is no exception. It is fleshy, smooth, round, dry, and clean with a little tingle that makes this brew drink sharp. Dry is the word, but there are hidden layers of raisins, apricot, and green grapes as the brew acclimates to your palate with a peek-a-boo hint of sweetness that comes later in the sip.  We recommend serving all your cold/chilled Sakes in white wine glasses, but you'll really be missing out on the full array of aromas and flavors on this one if you don't.

Shiokawa Yamahai "Cowboy" Junmai Ginjo Genshu - The nose on this storied sake is a collection of musky fruits, straw, steamed rice, and caramel elements. A super full-bodied sake that will appeal to big red wine drinkers. Complex, layered, saucy, deep, rich, bold, ricey this Cowboy is the real deal. With an 19% alcohol content this vast and savory sake is a real mouthful that is as smooth as it is solid. It’s character is a perfect food pairing partner that compliments everything from steak and game to fowl and shellfish. There are creamy hints of sweet rice and nouget that pop on an acidity push.

Tosatsuru "Azure" Ginjo - One of the reasons that Sake is such a healthy libation is that is over 80% water (and is free from sulfites plus comparatively free of hangover-causing congeners). Therefore, the water source is of vital importance to Sake makers. Tosatsuru's master brewer believes that the best, most complex water is deep sea water off the coast of Japan that has been desalinated. This crisp and aromatic spirit is handcrafted from Yamada Nishiki – considered the king of sake rice – that is polished to a ratio of 55%. But what makes it truly unique is the water used. When the local authorities discovered that pure deep sea water, which had been travelling along the bottom of the ocean for 2,000 years, was being pushed up towards the island of Shikoku about 35 years ago, they promptly began to tap it and offered it to three companies. The first was the cosmetic brand Shu Uemura, the second was a wakame seaweed farm, and last but not least the Tosatsuru Brewery, who use this high mineral content and crystal clear water to make Azure. It took this family business 10 years of experimenting to perfect it, but the results are spectacular. Although not salty, it has a real maritime feel to it and the finish is as delicate as a butterfly.

Senkin “Modern Muku” Muroka Genshu Junmai Daiginjo - Senkin “Modern” Muku, using Yamadanishiki rice from their local farm, has their signature bright, juicy taste profile in its purest form. “Muku” refers to purity and innocence; no excessive decorations. In the modern series, malic acid is the main component responsible for the uniquely tight, bright and fruity umami-richness. Brilliant apple-like aromatics emanate from this sake.  Another aromatic and complex sake that it would be a crime to use anything other than a good sized wine glass.

6 x 720ml