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"Next Level Sakes" 6 Bottle Sampler #2

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Sake Sampler #2

Our first Sake sampler has 6 300ml bottles covering the most popular styles of Japanese Sake.  Here we're kicking things up a bit with more complex and interesting Sake that are sure to turn you into a real Sake Lover. 
5 x 720ml bottles, 1 x 500ml


Kamoizumi "Summer Snow" Nigori Ginjo - If you think all Nigori Sakes are the same (sweet and not for the "serious" sake drinker) then this amazing Nigori will really open your eyes.  It is bottled, undiluted and without pasteurization for a true "fresh-from-the vat" taste experience. With a nose of fresh cut hay and grapes the first sip tells you that this sake is a luscious carnival of goodness. A gentle viscosity meets a full melon and cotton candy flavor rush that settles into a dry and subtle ending. This Nigori looks like egg-drop soup or a snow-globe and the taste is equally as dramatic with a rich and creamy walk from start to finish. 500ml
Amabuki "Ichigo" Junmai Ginjo - Amabuki brews this unique Sake with yeast cultivated from local strawberry fields. The nose on this unpasteurized or raw sake is a collection of strawberry, pear, honey, floral and of course strawberry aromas. Why "of course strawberry"? -because this brewery is known for making outstanding sakes using flower and fruit yeasts. And in this case the yeast comes from strawberries, which creates a very fruit forward sake that drinks soft, juicy and fun! But don't be mistaken as this smooth brew does not drink sweet, rather it has layers of fruit tones and "of course" ends with a very nice long strawberry tail.

Ryujin Brewery "Dragon God" Kakushi Nama Genshu Ginjo - The nose on this single-pasteurized cask strength sake is a collection of plum, cherry, lemon muffin, papaya, bubblegum, banana bread, and herbal aromas. Big and fruity, this brew drinks chunky, fat, chewy, lively, and rich yet impeccably balanced. This brew is more like a bite than a sip as you literally chew off an abundance of sweet flavors such as mango, papaya, white peach, pear juice, grape, and fruit muffin. And yet, it’s so balanced and that is why this brew is superb for those who like a big mouth feel and a stunning Sake that full and flavorful enough to stand up to all but richest, spiciest dishes.

Yukikage "Snow Shadow" Tokubetsu Junmai - As a Junmai-shu, this sake is made only with water, rice, koji, and yeast (i.e. no added distilled alcohol to enhance flavor/aroma). The designation of Tokubetsu means in the most general sense that this is a “special” product to the brewer. This is made with a fairly high polish rate (58%) of Gohyakumangoku and koshiibuki rice.  This aromatic sake has a nose filled with green apple, bamboo, steamed rice, apricot and pudding elements.  The fuller apricot and rice pudding notes come forth immediately on the front of the palate, but it is the green apple, rosewater and bright acidity that helps this refreshing Sake finish light and clean.  Typical of Sake made from Niiagata's famous water.

Kiku Masamune "Koujo" Junmai - Established over 350 years ago, Kiku-Masamune takes their status as a representative brand of Authentic Dry Sake very seriously.  Using Kiku-Masamune's newly developed sake yeast HA14 lends this sake the fragrant aroma of fruits and flowers - enticing ripe banana and cantaloupe with bright sweet honey-crisp apples. Fruity, textured, round and smooth this light yet umami-rich Junmai grade finishes with a lingering umami and is a major crowd pleaser.

Dassai 45 "Otter Fest" Junmai Daiginjo - Dassai 45 is a premium Junmai Daiginjo Sake and is one of Japan's most award winning brews, made from only rice milled down to 45%, water and koji mold.  Dassai 45 has a collection of sweet aromas including grape juice, cotton candy, and a hint of lemonade. Talk about a sake with body! This uber Daiginjo has a full-figured flavor that rushes chewy fruit tones to all corners of your mouth. It is wide and heavy with lots of expansive elements that talk to those who like a mouthful. Pay attention for a hint of anise and sneaky wild veggie notes on the finish.

5 x 720ml, 1 x 500ml