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Meyer-Fonne 2022 Edelzwicker

$ 2299 $ 2499

Not sure where to start, on a budget, or simply don’t have time to taste your way through the plethora of Alsatian whites on offer, then Edelzwicker may be the wine for you. This “noble blend” combines the region’s principal grape varieties in one lip-smacking, liter-sized bottle of fun. Pinot Blanc, Muscat, Chasselas, Riesling, and Pinot Gris star in this white that smells like a bouquet of flowers, tastes like a basket of ripe fruit, and finishes dry.  Meyer-Fonné’s 2021 has a floral, perfumed nose—perhaps from a splash of Muscat?—and a soft mid-palate with green apple and pear—surely a sign of Pinot Blanc in there. The finish is slightly spicy—maybe Gewurztraminer?—with crisp acidity and a hint of nuttiness—that’s definitely the Riesling talking. You can look up the exact blend on our website if you’re curious, but sometimes not knowing is more fun.