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G.D. Vajra Barolo Wine Dinner at Carolina Exotic Car Club April 4, 2024

$ 17500

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G.D. Vajra Barolo Wine Dinner with Kevin Natoli
at the Carolina Exotic Car Club
3107 Glen Royal Rd.
Raleigh, NC  27617
$175.00 per person, includes gratuity

We at Taylor's Wine Shop love family, and we love suppporting family owned wineries.  When we met Francesca Vaira last month in the shop, we fell in love with the wine lineup and her family story.  We're excited to annnound this wine dinner with her North America Sales Manager, Kevin Natoli.  GD Vajra is a truly unique family estate with a history as interesting as the wines they produce. Located in Vergne, the highest village in Barolo, it sits among the vineyards at an altitude of 400 metres. Currently, the family tends all forty hectares including the outstanding Bricco delle Viole, one of the highest crus in Barolo.

Run by second generation winemakers Giuseppe, Isidoro and Francesca Vaira, the estate is overseen by their parents, Aldo and Milena. The winery’s history stretches back further still and is named after Giuseppe Domenico, Aldo's father. Aldo founded the estate in 1972, using vineyards that had been in the family since the 1920s.

 The estate was one of the first in the region to embrace organic practices and the winery continues to be on the forefront of sustainable winemaking in Barolo. In their own words, ‘the land is generous and alive. It is beautiful. It needs understanding and time.’

Interesting note: Vajra vs. Vaira: The family name was Vajra until 1918 but with the letter J being eliminated from Italian language except for foreign words, it was changed to Vaira. When the winery was founded, the name should have been Vaira but due to a mistake, it became Vajra. The family decided to keep the winery name with a J for its wines given the family history with that spelling, but for members of the family, it is spelled Vaira.

We have a wonderful relationship with the Carolina Exotic Car Club.  This will be a seated dinner limited to 22 guests.  

Dinner Menu
G.D. Vajra Extra Brut Rosé Della Neve

First Course
Grilled King Trumpet Mushroom, Rosemary, Risotto
G.D. Vajra Langhe Nebbiolo 2022
G.D.  Vajra Barolo Coste di Rose 2019

Second Course
Moroccan Lamb Lollipops with Polenta
G.D. Vajra Barolo Ravera 2019

Third Course
Braised Short Rib, Red Wine, Root Vegetables, Potato Purée
Luigi Bandana Barolo Baudana 2019

La Tur Cheese and Dark Chocolate
G.D. Vajra Barolo Chinato 
Non-Refundable 7 days in advance

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