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Insider Events

The Events listed below are Special Insider Events and are Not Advertised to the Public. 


Fe Wine Dinner

Join us for a Very Special Fe Wine Dinner

Fe Wine Dinner
Thursday, August 18, 2022 6:30pm
 $100 per person, all-inclusive
At a private home in Wakefield Plantation




Fe Wines are some of the hottest new wines we've brought into Taylor's since our last trip to Napa.  Fe makes only two terroir-driven bordeaux style blends each vintage, both extremely limited and very highly rated, including their 100 Point Fe 2019. They make only what their gorgeous little vineyard offers them each year.  Planted on Spring Mountain to Cabernet, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Petit Verdot, winemaker Aaron Pott crafts a simply poetic Cabernet and a silky 26 Blend.  Fe is pronounced Fee, named after the Atomic symbol for Iron, which is very prevalent in their soil.

Enjoy an evening of delicious bites, a Champagne reception followed by an exclusive tasting of Fe's 2018 and 2019 wines in the comfort of a private home in Wakefield Plantation.  This event is open to 16 guests.

Event Wines:
Bernard Gaucher Champagne NV Brut
Fe 2019 Cabernet - 100 Pts IWR, 99 JD, 99 WA, 95 Vin   Reg $175
Fe 26 2019 - 97 Pts JD, 96 IWR, 94 WA    Reg $125
Fe 2018 Cabernet - 98 Pts WA, 97+ JD, 96+ Vin    Reg $225
Fe 26 2018 - 97 Pts JD, 94 WA    Reg $175

Check out more Fe details:

Fe occupies an elevated bench in the narrowest stretch of the Napa Valley, amid nearly two thousand acres of untamed parkland. Our vineyard is buffered by redwood, manzanita, ponderosa pine, and wild native grasses.

This pocket of Spring Mountain feels far removed from the rest of wine country. Ghostly Spanish mosses hang from ancient oak trees; warm fragrant breezes and birdsong are often the only sounds we hear. Our wine is an expression of this unparalleled terroir

We are stewards of land belonging to foxes, wild peacocks, bluebirds, and coyotes. Whether building with reclaimed timber or farming organically, we are advocates for the natural sanctuary our vineyard inhabits, on this lower slope of the Mayacamas Range.

We follow what the terroir dictates. We have planted fruit trees, herbs, and vegetable beds, and we have established a vineyard devoted to the classic noble grape varieties of Bordeaux. They are the most honest translators of this place, and our vine rows require very little intervention.

Seven years of deliberate viticulture went into our first vintage. Our six densely planted blocks of vines are cane-pruned to create a shade canopy in the heat of summer. We plant nitrogen-fixing cover crops rather than artificially amending our soil, and we fight off pests by providing habitat for winged predators.

Our east-facing vines enjoy a temperate microclimate. At daybreak, as the silhouette of the Vaca Mountains appears over the Napa River, fogs roll in from the west and the south. A forested preserve shoulders our estate on two sides, further cooling our vines with its shaded embrace.

Our volcanically derived Aiken soil type is rich in iron, which promotes chlorophyll production and thus photosynthesis. While the surface layer is rocky and well-drained, sublayers of loam and clay hold moisture. These conditions often make for brutal, highly tannic wines, but Fe is notable for its silky finesse.

Please email kelli@taylorswineshop.com for more information. 

Tickets are Non-Refundable 72 hours in advance.







Andrew Geoffrey Wine Event with owner and winemaker Peter Thompson

Andrew Geoffrey Wine Event
Friday, October 7, 2022 6:30pm
$40.00 per person, all-inclusive (thanks to the generosity and culinary talents of Peter)
At a private home near Taylor's Wine Shop in North Raleigh




Peter Thompson makes some absolutely intriguing, textural, and gorgeous Cabernets from his estate vineyard in Diamond Mountain, Napa Valley.  Since visiting the Napa Valley as a college student in 1973, Peter Thompson set his sights on producing world class Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. In 1995, after a 2-1/2 year search for the ultimate mountain vineyard site, Peter selected the property at 2000 feet atop Diamond Mountain. Having purchased undeveloped land with unlimited potential, Peter assembled a team consisting of viticulture and enology specialists to plan and execute planting of a state-of-the-art vineyard. Peter and his team navigated through the newly enacted Napa Valley Hillside Ordinance to clear the land and draft the most extensive erosion control plan ever devised in the Napa Valley. Specifically designed to take advantage of the renowned Diamond Mountain volcanic soils, 13 acres were carved out and planted to Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. The vineyard was christened Andrew Geoffrey Vineyards after Peter’s two sons, Andrew and Geoffrey, and currently enjoys a reputation for producing mountainside grapes and Cabernet Sauvignon wine of unprecedented quality. 


Heavy hors d'oeuvres will be prepared and provided by Peter Thompson, who is an amazing chef.  We hope you will join us for this casual, educational, and fun event!

Event Wines: 

Servin Chablis 2019
Andrew Geoffrey Diamond Mountain Cabernet 2012-Reg Price $109.99
Andrew Geoffrey Diamond Mountain Cabernet 2014-Reg Price $109.99
Andrew Geoffrey Diamond Mountain Cabernet 2016-Reg Price $109.99
Andrew Geoffrey Diamond Mountain Cabernet 2017-Reg Price $109.99



Tickets are Non-Refundable 72 hours in advance.



Save the Date!

Pulido Walker Dinner

We are looking forward to a Fantastic Pulido-Walker Wine Dinner with owner Donna Walker!

Save the Date! Pulido-Walker Wine Dinner
Wednesday, November 16, 2022
At a private home near Taylor's Wine Shop in North Raleigh
Please keep a lookout for tickets and more info!
It's such an honor to offer this opportunity.  We've been huge fans of Pulido-Walker for years.  We love Thomas Rivers Brown's approach to winemaking, and Donna Walker is simply wonderful.  Her approach to establishing this esteemed winery is unparalleled.
Save the date, and stay tuned for details!