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Tosatsuru Brewery "Azure" Ginjo Sake 720ml

$ 3499 $ 3699

One of the reasons that Sake is such a healthy libation is that is over 80% water. Therefore, the water source is of vital importance to Sake makers. Tosatsuru's master brewer believes that the best, most complex water is deep sea water off the coast of Japan that has been desalinated. Within the beautiful, elegant glass bottle is a smooth and delicate sake, meeting and far exceeding our expectations of ginjo premium sake. Made from yamada nishiki rice polished down by at least 55% and, most special of all, with mineral-rich deep sea water from a natural spring at the bottom of the North Pacific Ocean, this rice wine is a rare treat and an experience you won't want to miss. he sake has a fruity, ripe pear fragrance, with a refreshing palate and a lingering dry finish.