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Caduceus Cellars Anubis 2020 Red Table Wine

$ 5399

2 reviews

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Winemaker Notes

Anubis is another AMAZING Red Table Wine blend from Maynard James Keenan of TOOL! 100% Arizona. Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon with a dash of Petite Sirah. We consider this wine to be the beefiest beef friendly wine in our line up. Anubis is the gate keeper and this wine is the gateway for those in love with new world wines. It’s your guide to our more old world approach to wine making.

Weary Traveler, Calloused and sore time and gravity followed you. Here rest, my friend, and tell me all about the ocean. Spoils and trophies and burdens you've bore. Pay them no mind. They matter no more. Leave them behind and show me all about the ocean. Looking deep in your eyes, I've never seen the ocean. Not like this one". - "Oceans" by Puscifer.

750 ml

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