This week in Jo’s Beer Corner features

~ The 12 Brews of Christmas ~

Oh yes, it is that time of year again. The oh so incredibly pleasant tight lipped family gatherings, the increasingly wonderful balance on your credit cards, the sweet scent of burned cookies because you were too busy trying to get the kids to stop trying to strangle each other with the tinsel. Oh wait… you said most wonderful time of year. My bad. But really, we spend an unreasonable amount of time around Christmas doing things that don’t make us happy in an attempt to make others happy. Which is why in my family we don’t have a holly jolly Christmas, we have a holly jolly Brewsmas. We aren’t prejudiced to just beer either; we also enjoy wine and watching grandma pour the whole bottle of vodka into the cranberry punch then add a capful of soda to make a “spritzer.” It is now an unspoken tradition of ours to see who can bring the best tasting alcohol to the Christmas gathering.

This year I was trying to think that if I were to attempt to con my family into investing in my income then what would I use to lure them into spending money on my brews. So I decided to just pick some of my favorites and go from there. After naming just about every beer in my seasonal collection I realized that I had a LOT of good product. Then I thought, why share this with just my family when I can share this with everyone? And thus the brain child of “Winter Wonderland” was born.

Don’t worry if you missed it I won’t hold it against you, at least not for long (I do take bribes). But because I really want everyone to fall in love with some of the brews like I did I decided to make my beer feature the same for the last two weeks of December. The brews featured are the same ones I sampled out in the 12 Brews of Christmas sampling. So come on over and check them out. I will even give you all the gift of savings by taking 20% off both Triple C Up All Bight and Mother Earth Silent Night bombers. I also have some very limited and collectable brews all wrapped up already. Rogue Yellow Snow IPA (discontinued 2 years ago), a Scotch Ale aged in 100-year-old scotch barrels and then aged on our shelf for four years, a Scotch Ale from the oldest inhabited house in Scotland, and some wine ale aged and fermented in red wine barrels.

All I want for Christmas is to share the brew love. And the hangovers. The word holiday is somewhat synonymous with headache so it is only fitting we continue the alliteration and top it off with a hangover too.

The 12 Brews of Christmas:

Great Lakes Christmas Ale
Winter Ale: 7.5% ABV – 30 IBU
Honey, Frsh Ginger & Cinnamon

Triple C White Blaze
Winter Warmer: 6% ABV – 25 IBU
Ceylon, Cinnamon, & Vanilla Beans

App Mountain Sinful Plum
Cider: 5% ABV – No IBU
Apples, Cinnamon & Plum

21st Amendment Fireside Chat
Winter Ale: 7.9% ABV – 45 IBU
English- Style Ale with Spices

Jack’s Hard Cider Fireside
Cider 5% ABV – No IBU
Sweet & Tart Apples, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves & Vanilla

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
IPA: 6.8% ABV – 65 IBU
Dry-Hopped with Spices

UFO Winter Blonde
Winter Ale: 4.9% ABV – No IBU
Cold Brew Coffee with Vanilla

Dogfish Head Pennsylvania Tuxedo
Pale Ale: 8.5% ABV – 50 IBU
Citrus and Spruce Tips

Stone Xocoveza
Stout: 8.1% ABV – 50 IBU
Cocoa, Coffee, Pasilla Peppers,
Vanilla, Cinnamon & Nutmeg

Starr Hill Snow Blind
Winter Ale: 7.5% ABV – 30 IBU
Honey, Fresh Ginger, & Cinnamon

Uinta Rise & Pine
Dark Ale: 7.5% ABV – 85 IBU
Juniper & Pine

Anchor Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Winter Warmer: 6.7% ABV – No IBU
Malt with Spices