Quinta do Casal Monteiro Touriga Nacional - Unoaked

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The winery was founded on the legacy of Dom Luis de Margaride, who inherited the estate in 1928 and devoted his life to the study of viticulture in the Tejo river valley – one of the oldest wine regions on the Iberian Peninsula. The current generation of the family took the reins in 1979, they modernized the winery and has returned the vineyards to a more natural form of management, including replacing pesticides with integrated pest management (IPM, biocontrol through natural predators) and using sustainable/organic winemaking practices throughout the vineyards and winery.  

Casal Monteiro Touriga Nacional “Unoaked”: Best known for its role in the table and fortified wines of the Douro district, Touriga Nacional is also grown in the Tejo where it produces a brighter, less tannic wine.  Spicy and perfumed, this wine celebrates its black fruit flavors that are kept fresh and unencumbered by the stainless steel fermentation. The tannins are ripe, giving their dry edge to the blackberry fruitiness and acidity. The wine has developed well and is ready now.