Jordanov rkaciteli 2020 Dry White Wine

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Winemaker Notes

A vibrant, thick-skinned, cool climate grape, Rkaciteli originally hails from the Republic of Georgia. In the case of Jordanov, what we find most fascinating is the ironic planting in one of Europe’s hottest, driest regions. The Baltic continental front and Mediterranean front collide in Tikveš, North Macedona, creating a pocket with virtually no rain. The result is a study in paradox: lush, fruit-filled weight combined with a zinging finish that suggests 12% alcohol (vs. the official 14% listed on the bottle).

ColorStraw yellow with greenish tinge
NoseGreen apple, ripe pear, apricot and peach
PalatePlush and well-rounded, despite zinging acidity
FinishPerfect balance between freshness and strength with a medium+ finish