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Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Honjozo Sake - 1.8l

$ 5499

Hakkaisan - Honjozo Sake - Honjozo Sake must be milled to 70% or less (55% for Hakkaisan) of it’s original size and as far as ingredients go, it contains a small amount of distilled brewer’s alcohol, which is added to the sake to achieve different flavor & aroma profiles. Don't think that necessarily Honjozo is inferior to the "pure rice Sake" Junmai classification as this is purely a stylistic choice by the brewer and the addition of brewer's alcohol spirits at certain times in the brewing process can bring out extra aromas and flavors that would not otherwise appear. Hakkaisan is the #1 Rated Honjozo in Japan. This sake has a brilliant nose of spice, sandalwood, campfire, mushroom, and tropical fruit. The first sip spells a syrupy and chewy Honjozo that brings forth elements of mango, steamed rice, nougat, mint, vanilla, and honey. It has an incredible amount of balance that brings forth a subtle sweetness in a dry and inviting package. Minerals become evident when the fluid warms and there is a hint of wood at every temperature.

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