Freak Show Coffee Fire Eater Hot Pepper Coffee

$ 14.99

New coffee from Freak Show Coffee Company (roasted by Mark from Vortex Roasters)!

We rest loads of dehydrated chilé peppers in specialty grade arabica green coffee beans for oodles of days prior to roasting.  Using frequent agitation to distribute those special peppers and imparting the oils found in the internal portions of the pepper we enhance the beans to become heated, peppy versions of themselves.  We then remove the peppers, roast the beans and then reintroduce those same peppers for a short siesta on the cooling bed of beans ...completing their transformation.  This peculiar but exotic coffee hints at its chilé pepper origins but doesn't overwhelm the amazing flavor profile of the coffee (or your mouth and tongue with it's spiciness).  A pleasant hint of the pepper interludes warms your throat and tongue but doesn't impede your ability to indulge in several cups.

Available in 8oz bags