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Domaine Lefage Miraflors Blanc

$ 1599 $ 1999

Domaine Lafage is a family affair, and it is Jean-Mark Lafage's wife Elaine that oversees the production of the Miraflors Blanc. A blend of Vermentino, Muscat, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Colombard, and Macabeu, Eliane makes this one in a unique fashion, with each of the grapes is harvested separately, when they have reached optimal ripeness. The grapes are stored at near freezing temperatures under gas to prevent oxidation and preserve flavors. Once all of the grapes are harvested, they are blended and fermented together. Right when the wine reaches dryness, Eliane quickly cools down the fermentation vat which preserves some natural CO2 in the wine. If that sounds like a lot of work to craft a $20-ish white wine, it is and the results of all that work are stunning.
The combination of aromatic and zesty grapes is the key to success here. A range of heavenly aromas and flavors are all present -- white peach, fresh pear, honeysuckle, green herbs, rose petal, and citrus zest all show up in this immensely likable white. This heady range of aromas and flavors may lead you to think that this a heavy white, but this one stays light, crisp, and mouthwatering on the palate.