Domaine Chandon Garden Spritz

$ 26.99

Ready to chill and ready to share, Garden Spritz is the blend of an exceptional sparkling wine and a unique bitters recipe crafted with locally sourced fresh oranges macerated with dry orange peels, herbs and spices carefully selected from the finest terroirs in the world. We bring nature to the world of spritz.

No artificial flavors and no artificial colorants are used at any stage in its production. Our blend is crafted purposely to make it simply and naturally delicious.

Spicy character with zesty yet rich orange flavors. Nice citric tension which balances the subtle sweetness.

Several herbs & spices, selected from the best terroirs in the world, bring their unique qualities to the blend, including amargo for bitterness, chamomile for the delicate florals, cardamom's slightly sweet herbal notes, and black peppers warm spice.

Garden Spritz pairs beautifully with spicy Asian food, sushi and sashimi, aged cheddar, dried exotic fruits and nuts.