Check out some of the newest brews, in stock at Taylor’s Wine Shop this month!!

Val-Dieu “Cuvee 800” Belgian Ale $12.99 750ml
How many companies can you think of celebrating their 800th anniversary.  Val-Dieu has released this special brew to celebrate such a landmark.  A hoppier version of their classic Belgian, it’s a perfect combination of classic brewing flavor and technique tweaked for modern tastes.

Stone Enjoy By 10.31.16 Tangerine IPA $17.99 6-pack
The latest in Stone’s “Enjoy By” series is here.  The vibrant flavors are gloriously jam-packed using more than ten hop varietals and puréed tangerines to add a hop-pushing twist to this double IPA.

Wicked Weed Bedeviled Golden Belgian Style Ale $10.99 4-pack
The brewery says – “We really focused on making a dry champagne like finish to this beer. The Belgian yeast character is the star in this ale with peppery aromas backed with a dried citrus fruit character. This beer drinks like it is 6% ABV so be careful. The name is a nod to the great Belgian Golden Strong ale Duvel which means devil.”

Duck Rabbit Marzen $11.99 6-pack
Duck Rabbit’s take on the classic German “fest” style brew.  A little darker and hoppier than your typical Marzen or Oktoberfest beer but with the classic rich malty and fall spice notes.

Fortnight Brewing 95X Double IPA $10.99 4-pack
Cary’s Fortnight Brewing’s new 95X Double IPA is their latest experimental release, and it’s unique brewing technique seems to work quite well.  A collaboration with radio station 95X, the guys blast rock music at the fermentation tank during the brewing process and say that the sound waves and vibrations create unique flavors.  10% ABV and insanely high IBU’s, hop heads will love this beer whether or not you believe the sound wave thing.

Ace Cider Co. Pumpkin Cider $11.99 6-pack
Our favorite and best selling cider producer’s popular fall seasonal, pumpkin cider is back.  Pumpkin puree, cinnamon, clove and all-spice added to their classic cider made from 6 types of California apples and Champagne yeast.