Starting July 1st all Sake’s will be on Sale StoreWide at Taylor’s Wine Shop!

This July, Celebrate Sake all Month with Taylor’s Wine Shop and save on some great Sake’s! 10%-15% Off All Sake until July 31st! We even hand picked some samplers below to get you started.

You can always shop the sake sale in store or online with 10% off Single bottles and 15% off 4 or more sakes!
Samplers will be available online only with free in store pick up or have it shipped. :


Intro to “GOOD” Sake Sampler: $39 (reg price $46):

BUY NOW If all you’ve ever had is the stuff they heat up and then serve in little carafe’s with thimble sized cups, then you’ve never experienced how wonderful Sake can be. Sake created and meant to be drunk at room temp or colder has an incredibly wind range of flavors and textures that you do not get with hot Sake. Here are some of our favorite “served cold” style Sake that won’t break the bank.

  • Hakutsuru Draft Junmai Sake $5.99 300ml
  • Sawanotsuru “Kimoto Method” Jitsuraku Sake $7.99 300ml
  • Sho Chiku Bai “Creme de Sake” Nigori $5.99 300ml
  • Yoshinogawa “Winter Warrior” Junmai Ginjo Sake $13.99 -300ml
  • Joto “White Heart” Junmai Sake $11.99 300ml

ADVANCED SAKE SAMPLER“ADVANCED” Sake Sampler: $75 (reg price $91):

BUY NOW Already been turned on to the wonderful world of cold sake? Our “Advanced” sake drinkers sampler has some of our best hand crafted Sakes from Japan’s top small breweries.

  • Asahi Brewery Dassai “Otter Fest 50” Junmai Daiginjo $14.99 300ml
  • Maboroshi Brewery “Mystery” Junmai Ginjo $17.99
  • Tenro Brewery Junmai Daiginjo Koshu $17.99
  • Miwa Brewery Shirakawago Sasanigori (Lightly Cloudy) $12.99 300ml
  • Ryujin Brewery “Dragon God” Namazume Genshu Ginjo $26.99 720ml