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This Month, Taylor’s Wine Shop’s Featured Coffee is Larry’s Coffee Rockin’ Holiday Blend!!

Rockin' Holiday Blend 12oz ~ SALE

12 oz Bags On Sale All Month!

Reg $13.99 Sale $12.99




This Month Taylor’s Wine Shop is Featuring Larry’s Coffee – Taylor’s Blend!!

Larry's Coffee Taylor's Blend

Taylor’s Blend is Now on Sale throughout November!

12oz Bags ~ Reg. $13.99   SALE $12.99


This Month Taylor’s Wine Shop Features Larry’s Beans Bean Martin Coffee!

October's Featured Coffee

Larry’s Beans – Bean Martin 12oz

Regular: $13.99  Sale: $12.99

Roasting Notes:  This is a coffee that we like to show people who think that light roasted single-origins are the only way to go if you’re looking for quality. The flavors in this cup could not exist together were it not for blending, nor could they exist without the deep caramelization of sugars that occurs as a coffee in the roaster approaches second crack. The rich earthiness of Sumatra melds with the sweet bright berry notes of unwashed Ethiopia, taken to a full and robust roast that’s dark without being burnt. A dark roasted Bolivia is blended to unite it all with a rich, creamy body and a hint of chocolate that weaves throughout, resolving in a long and lingering sugary aftertaste. It’s rich, it’s unique, it’s complex. – Larry’s Beans





September’s Featured Coffee is Larry’s Beans Woodstock Blend!

Woodstock Blend 12oz


Larry’s Beans Woodstock Blend 12oz – Reg $13.99  Sale $12.99

Roasting Notes: Our goal with this blend was to create something that would keep us going and light up the stages of the summer music festivals we’re involved with. Since it’s a summer seasonal offering, it was of paramount importance that it taste fantastic iced. After a lengthy session of tasting and tweaking, we finally got it. Rich and full-bodied, this blend is deceptively smooth and creamy before it reveals an intricate tapestry of flavor notes hidden in the mix. Chocolate, blackberries, and a brown sugary sweetness combine with hints of nuts and honey. It all finishes with a long-lasting sweetness that will keep you wanting more. Seriously, try it iced. – Larry’s Beans