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yeti craft beer

Great Divide YETI Imperial Stout

9.5% ABV – 75 IBU

This YETI has a big, roasty malt flavor that gives way to rich caramel and toffee notes. YETI gets its bold hop character from an enormous quantity of American hops.

bayou craft beer

TW Pitcher's Bayou Milk Stout

5.6% ABV – No IBU

A sweet, thin, roasty and balanced milk stout.

Saranac Blueberry Blonde Ale

Saranac Blueberry Blonde Ale

ABV 5% – 18 IBU

This Blueberry Blonde Ale is made with REAL blueberries! They take a “beer first, fruit second” approach when it comes to brewing this beer, which is why it’s been a fan favorite for years.

Stone Brewing's Totalitarian Stout

Stone Brewing's Totalitarian Stout

Imperial Russian Stout
10.6% ABV – 70 UBU

This celebrates the hallmarks of the style, pouring jet black with a fluffy chocolate head and tastes of deeply dark fruit flavors with rich chocolate and coffee overtones.

tangerine space machine

New Holland's Tangerine Space Machine

New England Style India Pale Ale
6.8% ABV – 40 IBU

There once lived a bitter soul, with a fruitful life as his goal, hopped into his space machine, went to New England to find his Queen, came back in a haze of Tangerine!

highland brewing oatmeal porter

Highland Brewing Oatmeal Porter

5.9% ABV – 35 IBU

This delicious porter is brewed in Asheville, NC and is smooth, with hints of chocolate and freshly roasted coffee.

oatmeal ipa

Mother Earth Brewing Oatmeal IPA

 6.8% ABV
Brewed with a generous portion of flaked oats that provide a creamy, velvet-like mouthfeel, this IPA takes nearly all of its hops (Chinook, Mosaic and Citra) as late additions and dry hops during fermentation, resulting in big aromas and flavors of grapefruit and cantaloupe with very little bitterness. Enjoy this beer, best paired with sunshine, friends and good vibes.
Jam Band Berry Ale

Boulevard Brewing Jam Band Berry Ale

5.9% ABV
Accompanying a simple malt base, blueberry, raspberry and tart cherry play in perfect harmony to create a slightly tart ale that sings with ripe, bursting fruit flavor. Aromas of dark berries, citrus and melon open the show, bridging to zippy fruit flavors that meld into an easy-drinking summer beer worthy of an encore.
Punk in Drublic Hoppy Lager

Stone Brewing & NOFX Punk in Drublic Hoppy Lager

5.8% ABV
This is a collaboration between Stone Brewing and Fat Mike of NOFX! This is no light, corporate, tasteless beer for drinking on the beach. We’re still Stone. And punk is not dead yet. This is a hopped-up, bold, flavorful lager that the authority figures in your life are sure to hate. So crack one open and revel in this self-entitled beer.
BBQ brews

Now that the weather is warming up it might be time to start firing up those grills and have a barbeque! These are some of the best brews to take to a barbeque or have if you are hosting one.

Island Coastal Lager
Lager: 4.5 ABV – 10 IBU
Easy going, smooth and crisp mouthfeel that is as laid back as you will be while waiting for your animal muscles to roast over open flame.

Triple C Grill Friend
Amber: 5.5% ABV – No IBU
Cherry smoked ale. I highly recommend pairing this brew with a smoked and smothered piece of oink-oink. You’ll be licking your fingers and your lips.

Benford Brewing Smoked O’Hickory
Brown: 5.5% ABV – No IBU
This brew should be paired with a glistening chunk of well-seasoned and expertly crisped slab of brisket. I also highly recommend making some beer-can chicken equally well seasoned and smoked. It is almost as if you can taste the smoke with every sip as its tendrils of meaty smoked goodness wisp away into the ozone… or belly. I prefer to romanticize my food comparisons because each meal for me is akin to a religious ceremony. May the meat be with you.

Firestone Walker Easy Jack
IPA: 4.5% ABV – 47 IBU
Now there are people out there that (prepare yourselves) found all the above descriptions appalling and disturbing. So for those individuals that insist on bringing a salad, who despise meat, ruin rainbows by over-explaining their light refracting properties, and probably think not all babies are cute – this one is for you. Enjoy your leafy green, easy drinking, probably vegan session brew.

Coney Island Hard Root Beer
Hard Root Beer: 5.8% ABV – No IBU
It’s the summer of 1934 at Coney Island. The boardwalk is crowded with families enjoying custard, a young couple cuddling up in line to the Cyclone, a man is hocking tickets to the Pip & Flip circus side show, and plenty of people are milling about in sunglasses and suits basking in the glimmering rays of sunshine. You tip your head back and take a sip of your rootbeer float and let the cool liquid quench your thirst as you try to ignore the scolding your brother receives for spilling his on his new shirt… (record screech sound effect) You open your eyes and look down. You’re on your couch watching American Horror Story Freak Show with mismatching socks and wearing a faded and stained Ramones t-shirt. Yeah, it tastes like that. Childhood may be gone, as are the glory days of Coney Island, but one sip of this and you’ll be transported back in time. Growing up never tasted so delicious.

Saranac Jed’s Mule Kicker
Hard Ginger Ale: 5.9% ABV – No IBU
Is it a beer? Is it a mixed drink? Or is it just ginger ale they claim has alcohol in it? None of the above yet all of the above. Fantastic and refreshing this brew tastes like ginger ale with a splash of lime, yet it also tastes like a not-so-heavy-handed bartender’s Moscow Mule. Who truly knows but at 5.9% ABV and as drinkable as this brew is we don’t really care.


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