Lorenz Troken Riesling (Dry, Organic, Vegan)

$ 15.99
While Trocken (German for dry) style Rieslings are the most popular style in Germany and the rest of Europe, most Americans are only familiar with the sweeter style of Riesling. That style of Riesling can be fantastic and there's nothing better with spicy Asian cuisine than a well make Riesling with medium sweetness and great acidity, but for everyday sipping and non-spicy foods most of us prefer something bone dry.

The Lorenz family has been farming grapes and making wine in the area for over 300 years, and this bottling sourced from the family's certified organic vineyards in the southernmost region of the Rheinhessen.

The Trocken is a dry Riesling that is deep, complex and racy. High acidity combined with lots of rocky, mineral flavors define the wine, complimented with citrus and floral notes to add complexity. Fermented and aged in stainless steel tank, Lorenz was able to preserve a wonderful freshness and balance. Aromas and flavors of green apple, lemon, nectarine, and almond greet the initial palate on this delightfully refreshing Riesling. Finishing with brisk acidity and notes of lush nectarines, tangerine juice and zest along with delightful minerality.