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Jo's Beer Corner

Welcome to Jo’s Beer Corner!

Meet Jo – Our Craft Beer Manager at Taylor’s Wine Shop! A twenty-three-year-old graduate student with a penchant for oxford shoes, brussel sprouts, her golden retriever, books, eating, and the wilderness (unless there are mosquitos).
She is a transplant from the great frozen tundra of the north, relocating so she may one day do more with her life than read books, pet her dog, and sample various alcohols for fun. She hopes to be accepted into the thesis program at NC State where she will attempt to use her love of books and old things to gain a degree permitting her to work somewhere where they let her touch the things you see under glass in museums (however, she is a hazard so most likely the non breakable things). She was pleased her “alcoholasm” (alcohol enthusiasm, not a typo) was finally beneficial by securing her a position as our new Maestro of Beer.

Jo loves craft beer and brings that love to Taylor’s Wine Shop to share with you! Every week she will be featuring new arrivals, special release brews, along with her favorite craft beers, so make sure to visit often and see whats brewing in Jo’s Beer Corner.

Here is what’s brewing in Jo’s Beer Corner this week!

~ Thanks to Great Brews ~

We want to take a moment to let you know how thankful we are for having you as a customer and hope your Thanksgiving holiday is special. We can officially say the holidays have begun, and with that being said, it is time for those delicious brews you can drink with the bird or relax with after the big meal and share with your family & friends. This week, Jo (our Maestro of Beer) has carefully selected some seasonal favorites to get you in the mood for whatever your plans may be! Now is the time to grab those last minute brews for your Thanksgiving feast!

Fireside Chat

21st Amendment Fireside Chat

Winter Ale: 7.9% ABV – 45 IBU

The name and depiction of FDR on the can is nothing short of inspiring. This brew reminds me of the old gentleman saying that you know someone best over a shared drink. It makes me want to sit next to a fire, share stories and a good laugh while I sip on my drink and relish in the feel of a comfortable leather wingback chair. So when you gather round the fire this holiday with friends and family while going through what you are thankful for you can say “fireside chat” and no one needs to know you are talking about the drink in your hand. It can be our little secret.

Shiner Holiday Cheer

Shiner Holiday Cheer

Dunkelweizen: 5.4% ABV – 22 IBU

When you think of Thanksgiving I am sure you think of the stuffing: browned and crispy, herbed crumbs perfectly toasted in the oven with a hint of real cranberries and apples. You imagine the gravy that was repeatedly basted over the turkey as it’s flesh browned and lent the gravy a sultry, spiced tang that also had that irresistible sweetness of fatty juicing intermingled. Did you find yourself saying making that “mmm” noise we often make with our mouths closed when we find something too delicious to even stop enjoying it? If so then this beer is for you. The perfect compliment to turkey dinner and stuffing, this brew brings you a blend of spices like none you’ve seen before. Brewed in the Bavarian style you will get a dark wheat ale malted with spices, the sweetness of peaches and a hint of toasty roasted pecans. This Brew is certain to make the perfect accompaniment to all your holiday dishes and will certainly bring cheer to your holiday table.

Triple c white blaze

Triple C Brewing White Blaze

Winter Warmer: 6% ABV – 25 IBU

This brew was created to pay homage to the White Blazes that mark the entirety of the Appalachian Trail serving as direction markers. This Winter Ale is brewed with a purpose and that is to provide us with a respite from our chaotic lives in the flavors of nature. Ceylon Cinnamon and Vanilla beans shine through in this decadent ale. This brew makes me feel like I am snuggled up in a cabin in the woods and enjoying the company of family. Which makes this brew perfect for the Thanksgiving Season.

deschutes hopzeit ipa

Deschutes Autumn Hopzeit IPA

IPA: 7% ABV – 60 IBU

This brew takes the bitterness common to IPAs and adds in classic malt styles. The Märzenbier flavors of this brew and the German hop varietals used to ferment this create a smooth, crisp, clean feel on the palate, not unlike that first breath of fresh autumn air. Tasting this beer you can envision yourself outside with leaves falling around you as you taste the herbs and malts of this modern IPA.

AMB Sinful Plum

Cider: 5% ABV – No IBU

Sinful plum makes you feel like you are indulging in something you normally forbid yourself from having. This Cider is brewed with apples, cinnamon and plums to create the feeling of sipping a nice apple pie with a tart plum glaze on top. Appalachian Mountain Brewery has tried their hand at ciders and did not disappoint. It is sweet, decadent, and sinfully delicious.

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Last Week in Jo’s Beer Corner…

~ It’s a Beach(y) Party ~

In being new to the south I am entirely unfamiliar with this seventy and sunny weather that has been gracing me with it’s presence. In Ohio it is customary around this time of year to wallow indoors surrounded by oversized blankets, fuzzy socks, and thick sweaters. Last week it even snowed in Ohio. While I understand it is “technically” winter here, it certainly does not feel so. My paper-thin vampire skin was unprepared to receive this much sun so late in the year, and all my melanin has retreated into the depths of my person resulting in random bouts of sunburn. Due to this entirely uncustomary weather I find myself thinking tropical thoughts: the sand and waves, fruity drinks, pink lemonade while we sit by the pool (it also helps that my last name is Beachy so I feel connected by blood to the beach).

I decided to hunt down some flavors that are both refreshing and timeless. Remember pink lemonade, all that tart and sugary goodness? I’ve got tart lemon ginger, coconut, and cucumber lime too. So grab your shades peeps… It’s a Beach(y) party! I’ll even play luau music and put little umbrellas out.

New Belgium Tartastic

New Belgium Tartastic

Sour: 4.5% ABV – No IBU

Brace yourself for a refreshingly tart snap. Tartastic’s lacto sour profile and fruity, spicy undertones enliven the taste buds with each bright, sessionable sip. A refreshing sour ale with the lip-tingling sweet and sour flavors of juicy lemon and ginger.

Evil Twin Pink Lemonade

Evil Twin Pink Lemonade

IPA: 7% ABV – 70 IBU

A refreshing drink often associated with childhood nostalgia to others a pop-cultural symbol of emancipation. Whatever the association we teamed up with good old Swedes, Henok and Karl of the fashionable Omnipollo to squeeze out a tasty, tempting and deceivingly well balanced IPA with sweet and sour notes of old-fashioned memories. Perhaps you can taste the dishonesty, it’s all over your breath – it’s Lemonade.

Blanco Diablo

Big Boss Blanco Diablo Lime

Fruit Beer: 4.3% ABV – 20 IBU

Light Belgian Style Ale made with fresh cucumber and limes. Light, crisp and refreshing, we boosted the white devil with some clean-cut flavors.

Oskar Blues Death By Coconut

Oskar Blues Death By Coconut

Porter: 6.5% ABV – 45 IBU

Death By Coconut is an Irish porter aged on dessicated coconut and dark chocolate from Robin Chocolates in Longmont. Others may be featured as well but quantity may be limited. For questions or to special order please see our Maestro of Beer, Jo (she is short though so you may have to look a little harder).

Winter is right around the corner and we have picked out some winter weather brews to get you in the mood!

Starting November 1st, stop in the shop and look for these “Seasonal Selections” or ask our new Craft Beer Manager, Johanna, and she will help you find them.

Winter Weather Seasonal Selections

A selection of craft beers that will get you and your taste buds into the holiday spirit. Our selection features brews from Deschutes Brewery, Great Lakes Brewery, Boulevard, Shiner, Victory Brewing, Southern Pines, Bells and more. We are bringing you the seasons hottest (or coldest, if you know what I mean) flavors in Wheats, Belgians, Lagers, Stouts and even IPAs. 

Winter Weather Seasonal Selections Singles

We understand wanting to have your Christmas cookies and eat them too. We also understand not wanting to eat the whole plate, but maybe just a nibble. That’s why we decided to give you the gift of choice this Christmas season. Build your own six pack of any of our Winter Seasonal Selections and get the nibble you need, without the sugar rush.

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