Kitty Kinnin, Taylor’s Wine Shop and Larry’s Coffee have come together to raise awareness and help support the Foundation of Hope! Larry’s Coffee and Taylor’s Wine Shop are both donating $1.00 of every bag sold of Kitty Kinnin’s new Bad Kitty Blend Coffee. So for every bag of Bad Kitty Blend coffee purchased, $2.00 is donated to the Foundation of Hope!


C.S. Lewis said that there are better things ahead than any we leave behind. Yet, thousands have lovingly adopted the noble, living legacy that Thad and Alice Eure left behind at the end of their relatively young lives. Established in 1984, the Foundation of Hope for Research and Treatment of Mental Illness is a non-profit organization aimed at discovering the causes and potential cures for mental illness in order to develop effective means of treatment.

Taylor’s Wine Shop is proud to help support the Foundation of Hope and is very excited that Larry’s Coffee and Kitty Kinnin have created Bad Kitty Blend, which is truly a coffee for a cause. Bad Kitty Blend will available at Taylor’s Wine Shop in March of 2016 and $2 of every bag purchased at Taylor’s Wine Shop will be donated to the Foundation of Hope. Taylor Cash of Taylor’s Wine Shop is on the Board of Trustees at the Foundation of Hope. Not only does he help support the cause with donations and fundraisers, but with time as well.  We fully support Kitty Kinnin’s venture with the Bad Kitty Blend and are honored to exclusively offer the Blend in April at Taylor’s.


Kitty likes to say she was raised by wolves but somehow ended up purring instead of howling. Kitty was actually raised in Miami and fell into radio while working part-time in college at a radio station in Gainesville, Fla.

Kitty has been rockin’ the Triangle airwaves for almost three decades – Currently she hosts afternoons (3-7pm) & The Hangover Cafe (Sun. 7-11am) on Radio 96.1 and continues as a freelance voiceover artist. Previously she was a radio personality on WKZL (Winston-Salem), the legendary “original” WRDU in Raleigh (The Sunday Brunch & The Chef Series), FOXY 107/104, 100.7, The River and her original Sound Palate show on The Penguin in Wilmington and also a TV host on WWAY TV (Wilmington, NC). Kitty is a seeker of everything local and culinary and volunteers for many non-profits including Interact, Triangle Family Services and, of course, The Foundation of Hope.

This also could not have been possible without Larry’s Coffee. Larry’s Beans is happily committed to blending and roasting innovative uniquely delicious coffees — and making the world a better place. 100% of Larry’s Coffee is Fair Trade, Shade Grown, and Organic, all slow-roasted to bring out every note of indigenous flavor. They offer 15 Creative Blends and 15 Single-Origin Blends, along with limited-roast favorites like Rockin’ Holiday Blend and Woodstock Blend. Now, they teamed up with Kitty Kinnin for the Bad Kitty Blend!!!




12oz Bags – $15.99 |  1 Kilo/2.2 lbs – $40.99

Dark, Sweet, Complex and Bold. This Coffee was crafted by Larry’s Coffee, made for Kitty Kinnin and supports The Foundation of Hope. Taylor’s Wine Shop and Larry’s Coffee are donating $2 of every bag purchased at Taylor’s or online directly the Foundation of Hope.