The craft/micro -brew world is always changing.  Keep an eye on this section so see Andi’s most exciting and newest additions.

We’ve been bringing in some really great new ciders that will cool you down on those warm sunny days! So for the month of May, all ciders and meads (including singles!) are an additional 20% off!

Ciders have been exploding in the craft world for a while now. With a fruit foundation like wine but with a lower ABV like beer and created in a similar process, it’s a style of beverage that is almost a hybrid of the two. Ciders are naturally gluten free and often vegan which makes them a highly accessible drink to anyone. With roots in many different countries and cultures, ciders have evolved to be very complex. In the United States, a “cider” must be made from at least 50% apples. The addition of different fruits and spices make ciders unique and give people a variety when selecting the best one for them.

Here are some of the ones we are excited about in Andi’s Beer Corner this week:

Noble Cider, Asheville NC

The Village Tart (6.9% ABV), The Golden Arrow (6.9% ABV), & The Spice Merchant (6% ABV)

All available in 12oz bottle 4 packs $12.99
In a city bursting with craft beer, Noble takes the spot of first ever cidery in Asheville. Noble attributes part of their success to the rise in demand for gluten free and local consumption options. Beginning in 2012 with a handmade apple press, these guys have come a long way in just a few years. Each batch of cider produced is made with Western North Carolina apples and other local ingredients depending on the cider. Right now, we have three of their year round ciders in stock. The Village Tart is a clean crisp cherry cider. The initial aroma is pure fresh cherries which leads you into cherry pie. Tart apples make the base for this one and tart cherries were added to give those flavors some depth. There’s still some sweetness here but it’s not the dominant flavor profile. The Golden Arrow is a ginger cider made with fresh and candied ginger. Not recommended for anyone who is easily overwhelmed by this kind of spice flavor, this cider packs a punch. Aromas of fresh ginger fill the nose but the flavor does not overpower the palate as the aroma would suggest. The apples cut the ginger with their sour sweet taste, allowing the ginger to dance across your tongue without consuming the drinking experience. The candied ginger adds a layer of smoothness. And finally The Spice Merchant is the most dynamic of the three. This semi sweet cider is packed full of spices. Cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, and AppalaChai tea from Black Mountain all make this cider perfect for chai tea lovers. A lot of apple pie on the nose. The taste is similar but taken to another level by the addition of Chai tea.

Hauser Estate Winery, Biglervile PA

Jack’s Hard Cider Original (5.5% ABV) &
Helen’s Blend (5% ABV)

Both available in 12oz can 6 packs $12.99
Beginning as an apple orchard owned by “Jack” and Helen Hauser, Jack’s Hard Cider is the product of generations of family business. The land was passed down and is now run and operated by the Hauser’s grandchildren. Before jumping into the cider business, portions of the land not suitable for apples were used to produce grapes and start a winery. Cider was served in the wine tasting room but it wasn’t until 2013 that they began production on Jack’s Hard Cider. Now, every apple used is grown, pressed, fermented, and packaged on the property. We currently have two of their flagship ciders in stock. The Original blend is an off dry cider. This one features more of a tartness than a sweet taste. A good level of carbonation adds a great level of refreshing while enhancing the taste of the apples. Helen’s Blend is named after Jack’s wife hence the sweeter flavor profile. More aromas of spice than in the Original blend and the same level of juicy carbonation. Both are very playful!

Blackwater Cider LLC, Windsor NC

Small Batch #4 ABV 6.9%

Available in 1.5L pouches $11.25
Jeremy and Josh have only been making cider since December! It’s just the two of them sourcing local apples, fermenting, packaging, and distributing out of the back of their truck. They have a small facility in Windsor NC where the magic happens. This is their fourth batch of cider produced and it’s just as killer as the first. A completely unfiltered and natural cider, this is as close to a traditional American cider that you can get. The packaging is another bonus. The 1.5L pouch is about the same as two bottles of wine. Air tight and with no light able to pass through, the packaging keeps the cider fresh indefinitely which means you don’t need to refrigerate it unless you want to. The cider is amazing at room temperature. You get more of the warm vanilla and cinnamon notes. This fourth batch has ginger added which lingers in the background. Overall a great clean cider.