MARCH 21ST, 2017

Terrapin Brewing Mosaic IPA

Terrapin Brewing, Athens GA

Mosaic Red Rye IPA – ABV 6.3%

Available in 6 pack cans $11.99
Following the creation of Mosaic hops in 2012, Terrapin released this American style IPA as the 19th beer in their Side Project series. The beer had such a positive reception, it is now a yearly Spring seasonal release. The star of the show here is definitely the new hop variety Mosaic, the offspring of Simcoe and Nugget hops. The combination of these two varieties produced something incredibly dynamic. Mosaic’s sharp spike in popularity following its release is rooted in its triple-use profile. It imparts aroma, bittering, and flavor to beer. The result is really powerful
mostly because you can achieve a complex beer with just the single hop. “Mosaic” contains 100% Mosaic hops and quite a few different styles of malt. The malts create a hearty body and mouthfeel to give some dimension to the already multi-dimensional hops. There are flavors of toasted malt closely followed by earth and grass and ends with a refreshing and juicy tropical mango finish. Expect a heavy aroma of grapefruit, melon, and pine.

Dont be mean to people farmhouse ale

Ponysaurus Brewing & Mystery Brewing

“Don’t Be Mean to People: A Golden Rule Saison” North Carolina Farmhouse Ale – ABV 6%

Available in 4 pack 16 oz. cans – $13.99
We are excited to carry Bull City’s Ponysaurus in our shop! Among their year round offerings, we also have in stock their collaborative Spring seasonal saison! It was first released last year after the passing of the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act (HB2) which now prevents local governments from enacting any sort of policy to protect members of the LGBTQ community. The act was incredibly controversial and sparked a lot of negative attention from people not only in the state but around the country. As a way to shift that negativity and focus on a
positive solution, Erik Lars Myers of Mystery Brewing and Keil Jansen of Ponysaurus Brewing decided to make a beer that better represented North Carolina community to them and gave back to those people. Over 40 breweries from all over the state helped to donate ingredients, time, and labor to make this beer. They are also using only NC ingredients like barley, wheat, and sorghum as a way to honor their home brewing community. To honor members of the state community, they are donating 100% of proceeds to two local organizations- Equality NC which is an advocacy group for the LGBTQ community and Queer Oriented Radical Days of Summer (QORDS), a Summer music camp designed to support LGBTQ youth. The giving back didn’t stop there; it’s also a really tasty beer! Light bodied and smooth with a fruity spice. Nicely carbonated with a dry finish. Great beer for the season along with a great message.

Durty bull brewing lager

Durty Bull Brewing, Durham NC

Lager – ABV 5.6%

Available in 6 pack cans $11.99
A little shy of a year old, Durty Bull has really taken the craft beer scene by storm. In January they made BeerAdvocate’s list of top 34 new breweries of 2016 and last week they just released their first batch of canned lager. A large contributor to their success is the commitment to filling a niche that’s otherwise vacant. Durty Bull is in the interest of using different kinds of yeast and bacteria to achieve weird and funky tastes beer lovers have become more open to in recent years. In fact, other than their Lager, each of their beers honors this dedication to extreme flavor profiles. But they understand that sometimes you just need a smooth and easy drinkable beer. Originally created for their taproom as an option for people who wanted something a little lighter with a lower ABV, their Lager is light to medium bodied with a light hop bitterness that’s balanced by the Vienna and Munich malts. Very clean and refreshing. This beer can be enjoyed year round but it definitely yields itself to a warm day.

Southern Pines Brewing Co.

Southern Pines Brewing, Southern Pines NC

Box-O-Barleywine Barleywine – ABV 13.8%

Available in 4 pack 16 oz. cans $16.99
Another release from Southern Pines just in at Taylor’s! Similar to their Mamba Bajamba release, this is highly limited and won’t stick around for long. Brewed with sweet malts and honey and an array of exotic hops to tame the sweetness a little bit. Spicy dark fruits dominate the nose and smokey sweet oak sit on the tongue. Full bodied and complex but balanced so it’s not too harsh. Don’t be intimidated by the high ABV, this isn’t as heavy as other barleywines.

Up the Creek Extreme IPA Imperial India Pale Ale

Thomas Creek Brewery, Greenville SC

Up the Creek Extreme IPA Imperial India Pale Ale – ABV 12.5%

Available in 4 pack bottles $13.99
Imperial IPAs are becoming increasingly popular as brewers are pushing the limits of standard beers. An Imperial is simply a stronger more intense version of an IPA. It’s going to be more robust with a higher ABV and much more intense on the hops than your standard IPA. The use of Warrior, Nugget, Amarillo, and Willamette hops in Thomas Creek’s award winning Imperial is a combination for a pretty intense hop profile. Expect a high level of hops up front and a nice roasted caramel malt backbone that balances the hops and leads to a sweet finish.