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Just a reminder… For the entire month of March we are taking an additional 20% off all bombers! Bombers are 22 oz. singles commonly used by a brewery to showcase a special or limited release beer. Rather than committing to a 6 pack, bombers are a great way to try something new. Larger than a single 12 oz. beer, they are easily shared. Yet smaller than a 40 oz. beer, they can be enjoyed alone. Most people associate this larger bottle with heavier styles of beer like porters and stouts or something that has been barrel aged. Nowadays breweries are using bombers as a format for all styles of beer!

Now check out what in Andi’s Beer Corner this week:


Oud Beersel Brewery, Beersel Belgium

Oude Geuze Vieille Gueuze Ale ABV 6%

Available in 375 mL corked and caged bottles, $8.99
A classic and traditional Belgian style of beer, gueuzes are a combination of different ages of lambic ales. Lambics are a wheat style specific to an area of Belgium near Brussels called the Pajottenland region. They contain malted barley and unmalted wheat, giving them more body than traditional American and German styles. They are also made with aged and dried hops which carry little traditional hop flavor but rather act as a preservative. In the brewing process, lambic beers are left in open wooden barrels to encourage airborne wild yeast and bacteria specific to the region to thrive. Each batch is different due to this level of spontaneity of the fermentation process. This natural method is the most effective during cooler months of the year to ensure “bad” bacteria common during the hot seasons don’t influence the taste of the brew by making it too sour. Oude Geuze Vieille is a combination of 1, 2, and 3 year old lambic. Light sour aroma with fruity oak flavors and a carbonation that complements the dry finish. This ale has been called the sparkling wine of beer.


Southern Pines Brewing, Southern Pines NC

Mamba Bajamba Sour Stout ABV 4.9%

Available in 4 pack 16 oz. cans, $15.99
A sour stout may seem like an odd and conflicting combination of flavors but oddly enough Mamba Bajamba executes this combination perfectly. Created by the comic lovers at Southern Pines, this sour stout is inspired by the mythology surrounding superheroes and their alter egos. On the packaging of the beer, Mamba Bajamba takes the form of a badass killer wielding a katana. The splattered blood on the can combined with Mamba Bajamba’s clothing is very reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill.” She is the representation of the two bold sour and stout flavors, ego and alter ego. She began as a stout and then tart cherries turned her into a cold blooded killer! The superhero inspiration doesn’t stop there, it maintains its presence until the very end. With each sip you feel the sour tart cherry linger on your lips and the tip of your tongue. You would think you were drinking a sour until it hits you! Dark, warm, creamy chocolate coffee warms the back of your tongue and throat. You can feel both flavors working together to create a new drinking experience. We can’t vouch for this beer enough.


Sonoma Cider, Healdsburg CA

The Pitchfork Pear Cider ABV 6%

Available in 4 pack bottles, $11.99
The small town of Healdsburg is well known for its wine. It houses three prime wine producing regions which is one of the major drives for tourism in and around the area. Historically however, this town was known for its apple orchards some of which still exist today. The Gravenstein apple was the most well known crop in the area and gave rise to a huge cider movement. Although cider has taken the backseat to the wine culture in recent years, a cider resurgence fueled by big players in the game have restored some of that old country nostalgia. And they’re pretty good at it. Father and son owned Sonoma Cider has become one of those major players. Resulting from generations of family cider making, these guys are pretty good at what they do. They thoughtfully source all of their fresh and organic ingredients, celebrating the countless varieties of apples. They also take a lot of risks in the process. With many different styles of ciders from traditional to a little more innovative all named after different tools, you can tell they are dedicated to their craft. The Pitchfork is one of their more traditional styles. It’s a pear cider meaning its foundation is apples and pears were added unlike a perry cider which is made exclusively of pears. The result is a nice refreshing cider with a creamy mouthfeel. The cider maintains its crispness from the apples. And like every other one of their ciders, it’s certified organic and gluten free!


Dogfish Head Brewery, Milton DE

Flesh & Blood IPA India Pale Ale ABV 7.5%

Available in 6 pack cans, $16.99
Dogfish Head has been experimenting with fruit IPAs since 1996 when they made Aprihop, an IPA brewed with apricots. Since that release, they have been committed to brewing delicious IPAs with fresh ingredients. Flesh & Blood is one of their more elevated offerings. Besides the missing “minute” in the name, it’s their first IPA to be available in cans. It also has a hearty fresh citrus ingredient list. It’s brewed with lemon flesh, blood orange juice, oranges, and lemon peels. Their mission is to brew using only all natural ingredients consumers will understand and recognize. Labels like “brewed with natural ingredients” and “natural flavors added” will never be seen on any of their brews! You can guarantee a fresh IPA bursting with citrus aroma and flavor. They experimented with several different hop combinations to ensure the perfect one would complement the added fruit. Centennial and warrior hops work together to bring out the citrus and floral notes and give it an extra kick. Aromas of caramel malt and citrus combined with a medium carbonated body make this IPA drinkable for any occasion. It’s also now available year round!

New Holland Dragons Milk

New Holland Brewing, Holland MI

Dragon’s Milk Imperial Stout ABV 11%

Available in 4 pack bottles $18.99 or single 12 oz. bottles $4.75
The highly coveted imperial stout from New Holland is back at Taylor’s! Named after the 17th century term for strong beers reserved for royals, this stout lives up to its name. Its bold intensity invokes the strength of a dragon. Aged in bourbon barrels sourced from Kentucky as well as the brewery’s own micro distillery, flavors of oak bathed vanilla and booze warm this stout. The malty backbone is crucial to the experience. It’s created by a thorough grain bill including munich, caramel, and chocolate malt to give it a sweet roasted flavor. Incredibly smooth and a little sweeter than most stouts but that’s definitely not a deficit with this one. Don’t mistake it for a milk or cream stout, it’s pretty intense.


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