The craft/micro -brew world is always changing.  Keep an eye on this section so see Andi’s most exciting and newest additions.

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New Belgium Dayblazer

New Belgium Brewing, Fort Collins CO

Dayblazer Easygoing Ale ABV 4.8%

Available in 24oz cans $3.50
The latest addition to New Belgium’s year-round lineup is also their first 24oz can offering. Dayblazer is the brewery’s attempt at reaching a wider range of beer
drinkers. With craft beer culture growing and developing at such a rapid rate, craft beer can sometimes be inaccessible to people who just want a lighter option. This was also New Belgium’s way of taking on a style of beer that’s popular with larger domestic breweries and making it complex and flavorful so it can be enjoyed by anyone. The packaging is also something to note, being very different than anything New Belgium has ever released. The beer inside is no different. This golden ale is smooth and flavorful but not so intense that you need to be a huge craft connoisseur to enjoy what this beer has to offer. Very light bodied and refreshing, aromas of honey and cereal are coupled with some herbal notes. The flavor is honey and a little bit of vanilla. Finishing with light hops to counter that sweetness, it’s a very balanced beer.

Vienna Lager

Devil’s Backbone Brewing, Rosalind VA

Vienna Lager ABV 5.2%

Available in 16oz cans $1.99
Devil’s Backbone was opened after Steve and Heidi Crandall went on a skiing trip and tasted their first true German style beers. They were so inspired by this traditional style of beer making that they devoted their lives to it. Their main goal in operation is to stay true to European brewing traditions while honoring the ingenuity of modern craft brewing. They’ve won a ridiculous amount of awards for their beers. Vienna Lager has won gold two years in the category of Vienna style Lager at the Great American Beer Festival. It was named one of the 50 best American lagers by “Food & Wine,” and one of the top 100 beers in the world by “Men’s Journal.” We can’t vouch for this lager enough. Of course this beer has a healthy dose of Vienna malts, staying true to the style. It also has Pilsner, Dark Munich, and Caramel malts giving it a toasty caramel flavor profile. Northern Brewer and Saaz are the only two hops used here so little to no bitterness. Both contribute a mild earthy aroma. Overall a very crisp and clean lager.

ale smith speedway stout

AleSmith Brewing, San Diego CA

Speedway Stout Imperial Stout ABV 12%

Available in 16oz cans $7.99
Despite being first brewed in 2003, Speedway Stout has set a standard for Imperial Stouts. This highly coveted beer is now available in 16oz cans and with a whopping 12% ABV it’s the perfect serving size to be enjoyed alone! Each batch of Speedway Stout is brewed with a hearty dose of locally roasted coffee from Ryan Bros. The chocolate and roasted malt bill compliments this coffee addition. Immediately aromas of dark fruit and toffee dominate the nose. There are huge chocolate and caramel notes as well. As the name indicates, this stout pours like motor oil. Thick and milky mouthfeel, very little carbonation makes this super smooth and easy to drink. As the beer warms a little bit of vanilla comes through. Not much booze flavor going on here but it works really well. The stout is warming without that astringent alcohol flavor.

Dark Island Reserve

The Orkney Brewery, Orkney Scotland

Dark Island Reserve (2013) Wee Heavy Scotch Ale ABV 10%

Available in 750mL bottle $44.99
The Orkney Brewery resides on the historical Orkney Islands in Scotland. Known for its rich farmland and pure water, The Orkney Brewery has access to a lot of the finest ingredients. These ingredients elevate their beers and make them unique. They also use brewing processes that have been passed down through history and tradition, giving them a lot of pride in what they do. Their Dark Island Reserve series involves maturing their Dark Island ale in aged malt oak whiskey casks for three months. Each batch is very small, yielding only a couple hundred bottles each. The bottles are hand bottled and finished with the signature of Andrew Fulton, the head brewer. Expect a lot of toasty malts and big chocolate aroma and flavor. The barrel aging gives this ale a nice smokey flavor. The whiskey is present but the booze is not and with a lot more aging you can expect to get a lot more complex layers of flavor. This beer ages really well and can be enjoyed at anytime past the bottling date. We have a few left here at Taylor’s. Perfect for a beer lover’s cellar!