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Craft Beer Manager

Meet Andi Thurston, our Craft Beer Manager.

Andi loves craft beer and brings that love to Taylor’s Wine Shop to share with you! Every week Andi will be featuring new arrivals, special release brews, along with her favorite craft beers, so make sure to visit often and see whats brewing in Andi’s Beer Corner. Every month, Andi will also be featuring a specific craft beer, brewery or type every month and mark these items on sale all month. To make sure you get the best experience, she will also feature a brewery every month and host a free beer tasting to give you the opportunity to taste great new beers and meet the local breweries too! Make sure you say hello to Andi next time you visit us!

Cool Off with September’s Craft Beer Sale!

Now through the end of September, ALL Craft Pilsners & Lagers will be an Additional 20% Off!

Here is what’s brewing in Andi’s Beer Corner this week at Taylor’s.

These are some of Andi’s Fall Favorites and will rock your gourds! We are obviously pumped about Halloween coming up and pumpkin beers!

Gourd Rocker Pumpkin Porter

Double Barley Brewing, Smithfield NC

Gourd Rocker Imperial Pumpkin Porter ABV 9.4%

Available in 4 pack bottles $14.99
If you’re craving porters and pumpkin beers, you can have both in this seasonal release! Pumpkins have a very mild flavor  profile which is why most pumpkin beers are heavy on the spice! This creates flavors very similar to those you’d get from a  pumpkin pie! Gourd Rocker especially takes on these characteristics. Aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove meet your senses  first. There are a lot of big and bold flavors here. Mostly from those same spices lingering in the aroma. There’s a richness and  decadence to this beer that is only supported by the Imperial porter style. A great beer for fans of Southern Tier’s Pumking.

Fall Hornin’ Pumpkin Ale

Anderson Valley Brewing, Boonville CA

Fall Hornin’ Pumpkin Ale ABV 6%

Available in 6 pack cans $12.99
A beautiful gateway into pumpkin beers! Not too heavy on the spice and smooth and creamy, Fall Hornin’ is a nice late Summer, early Fall brew. This beer is very nicely balanced as it showcases the pumpkin but also relies heavily on those malts and hops. Caramel and chocolate malt produce a silky mouthfeel. Bravo hops, the only variety used, reinforces those Fall spices and adds some extra complexity. This is not just a dessert beer but can definitely be enjoyed as such!

21st Amendment Brewery, San Francisco

Tasty IPA ABV 6.8%

Available in 6 pack cans $14.99
If you’ve seen Sam Mendes’ 1999 film “American Beauty,” you might recognize the packaging on this limited and special release from 21st Amendment. The main purpose of this was to showcase hops as “beautiful green magic flowers.” Naturally you canassume this is going to be one giant hop bomb and you’d be correct. A dynamic hop bill of Citra, Mosaic, and a CTZ blend combined with Ekuanot lupulin powder (basically concentrated hop dust) combine some of the best hop characteristics youcan expect to find in an IPA. Earthy pine aromas meet some citrus and tropical notes while the flavor is bursting with grapefruit zest. A nice caramel malt backbone balances out the fruitiness.

Lynnwood Grill & Brewing Concern, Raleigh NC

Back That Razz Up Wheat ABV 5.25%

Available in 6 pack cans $11.99
Even though we’re bringing in a lot of cooler weather beers, we still have plenty of great options for those of you who love something Summery and light! Our latest addition from Lynnwood Brewing is a fruity and fresh wheat. Aromas of fresh raspberries fill your nose and translate into the flavor profile. There’s no artificial flavoring or sweetening here so you can expect something light and refreshing. The wheat malt provides a bready flavor and almost fluffy mouthfeel. Very drinkable!

Blake’s Hard Cider, Armada MI

Apple Lantern Cider ABV 6.5%

Available in 6 pack bottles $15.99
Our latest pumpkin cider is here and delicious! Previously released in a 22oz bottle, this is the first time Blake’s Apple Lantern has been in a 6 pack! The apples combine with the roasted pumpkin to create a nice warming effect perfect for Fall. Those roasted flavors are balanced by a sweetness that is reminiscent of an apple pie. A lot of cinnamon here, both on the nose and on the tongue. Other flavors of pumpkin pie spices, vanilla, and apple skins really add to this seasonal.


And take an additional 20% Off Lagers & Pilsners to Celebrate for the entire month of September! This is a great sale to take advantage of while we transition from Summer to Fall.


Traditionally, lagers have played a large role in signifying the end of the Summer season. This tradition is rooted in the brewing process of lagers dating back to the 19th century when refrigeration was nonexistent. Lagers brewed in warmer months would spoil because of the need for cooler temperatures to encourage fermentation of the lager yeast. To prevent this, brewers would ferment their lagers in the Winter months and then store them in cool caves during the Spring and Summer seasons. They would gradually drink from these stored casks throughout the warm months until the onset of fall. At this point, they would drain the barrels of the last remnants of beer so they could have a place to store the new batch for the upcoming Winter. This practice became synonymous with a celebration for the beginning of Fall. It is through this that the famous festival Oktoberfest was born. It is also how the lager style “Märzen” (meaning March, when the last lagers were brewed before spring) was made famous.


I decided to throw pilsners into the sale because they’re a type of lager! With origins in Bohemia (what we now call Czech Republic), the pilsner was created out of necessity. In the early 19th century, the Bohemians’ ales were being contaminated bynextraneous bacterias which meant a lot of spoiled beer was bring produced. Desperate for a solution, they learned the process of lagering from Josef Groll, a Bavarian brewer. The definitive ingredient that created a space just for pilsners outside of the standard category “lager” is the Saaz hops. This notable change is still present in the brewing process of pilsners today. Saaz hops are known for their aromatic properties: earthy, spicy, and floral. They also impart a lot of spice on the flavor of the beer, making the pilsner very different than any other style of lager.

Here are some great Lagers & Pilsners to Try!

Lagers to try:

We have great examples of traditional style lagers that will get you excited for Fall:
Ayinger Brewery, Aying GER : Oktober Fest-Märzen available in 4 pack bottles $13.99 or singles $3.50
The Duck-Rabbit Brewery, Farmville NC : Märzen available in 6 pack bottles $11.99
Devil’s Backbone Brewing Co., Roseland VA : Vienna Lager available in 6 pack bottles $10.99

Pilsners to try:

We have a few great traditional styles of pilsners in stock including:
Mother Earth Brewing, Kinston NC : Park Day available in 6 pack cans $10.99
Raleigh Brewing, Raleigh NC : Moravian Rhapsody available in 6 pack cans $10.99
Bell’s Brewery, Kalamazoo MI : Lager of the Lakes available in 6 pack bottles $11.99


Stop by the beer tent this Saturday during our Parking Lot Party to taste a great lineup of craft beers from Bell’s Brewing! For the tasting we will be taking an additional 10% off all Bell’s beers as well as 20% off their Lager of the Lakes and Octoberfest!

Starting out as a homebrewer in the 70s, founder and president Larry Bell has come a long way in establishing Bell’s Brewing as a craft beer icon. They are now distributed in 31 states with current plans to expand into New Mexico. Their complex portfolio of beers has earned Bell’s their popularity. Earlier this year, Bell’s was awarded the title of “#1 Brewery in America” as well as “#1 Beer in America” for their Two Hearted Ale by the American Homebrewers’ Association.

We will be featuring many of their year round beers as well as a couple seasonals that will prepare you for the cooler Fall weather. The lineup includes:

Lager of the Lakes Czech Pilsner 6 pack $11.99
Don’t let the name fool you, this is a traditional Czech pilsner meaning it’s more hop forward than what you’d expect from a lager. These kind of pilsners still maintain a firm malt presence like a standard lager but the addition of Saaz hops creates an earthy spice in both their aroma and flavor.

Octoberfest Märzen 6 pack $12.99
Last year was Octoberfest’s debut after a 5 year hiatus. It’s back again this year just in time for our tasting! Very traditional, this Märzen uses noble hops and rich malts. Notes of sweet caramel and biscuit malts combined with a hearty dose of earthy hops makes this a perfect Fall time beer.

Oatsmobile American Pale Ale 6 pack $11.99
The perfect seasonal transition beer, Oatsmobile is a different kind of pale ale. The addition of oats creates a smooth and fuller body you probably would not expect from this style. It still maintains that refreshing and hoppy characteristic most pales have. A complex hop bill creates tropical and floral aromas that translate into the flavor profile. A touch of sweetness balances out the hop bitterness making this an easy drinking beer for any day of the year.

Two Hearted American IPA 6 pack $12.99
Most people’s gateway into craft beer. Named after the famous river of the same name in Michigan’s upper peninsula, Two Hearted is dry hopped with 100% Centennial hops and balanced with American malts that are present throughout. Lots of citrus and pine aromas combine with a medium bodied mouthfeel to produce a very drinkable IPA.

Best Brown Ale 6 pack $11.99
If you’re craving something that will you get you ready for Fall or if you just prefer something more malt forward, Best Brown will not disappoint you. There’s still enough hop presence giving off some bitterness to balance out those malts and create more of a refreshing component to this beer. Immediately there are heavy aromas of roasted nuts, cocoa, and toffee; big flavors of caramel and dark fruit. This beer encompasses warm and fuzzy! Not super heavy like a stout or even some porters, this brown ale is still light enough to be enjoyed now.

Porter 6 pack $11.99
Bell’s Porter is a nice balancing act between sweet and bitter. Very reminiscent of an English style porter, Bell’s version has a lot of chocolate and dark malt aroma without the cloying sweetness. There’s a bit of herbal spice in the flavor that balances that sweet malt presence.

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