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Craft Beer Manager

Meet Andi Thurston, our Craft Beer Manager.

Andi loves craft beer and brings that love to Taylor’s Wine Shop to share with you! Every week Andi will be featuring new arrivals, special release brews, along with her favorite craft beers, so make sure to visit often and see whats brewing in Andi’s Beer Corner. Every month, Andi will also be featuring a specific craft beer, brewery or type every month and mark these items on sale all month. To make sure you get the best experience, she will also feature a brewery every month and host a free beer tasting to give you the opportunity to taste great new beers and meet the local breweries too! Make sure you say hello to Andi next time you visit us!

Here is what’s brewing in Andi’s Beer Corner this week at Taylor’s.

rogue 6 hop ipa

Rogue Ales & Spirits, Newport OR

6 Hop IPA – ABV 6.66%

Available in 6 pack 12oz cans $12.99
Following a “ground to glass” philosophy, Rogue is one of a small handful of American breweries that grow all of their own ingredients. Following a global hop shortage crisis in 2008, they built a 42-acre hopyard in the Willamette Valley, the historic hop capital of the world. Fueled by a need to be self-reliant and understanding of the ingredients needed to produce great beer, they expanded their farms to include everything the brewery could ever need including grains, fruits, vegetables, and even honey. Their 6 Hop IPA uses 6 of the 10 varieties of hops from Rogue Farms, some of their own malts, rye, and their famous Pacman yeast strain. Rogue released 6 Hop in cans for the first time back in February, however, to get the full aroma of those fresh hops, it should definitely be enjoyed in a pint or tulip glass. Expect a fluffy white head and big piney hop aromas. There’s a little bit of citrus rind bitterness on the nose and this translates on the tongue as well. The earthy grass notes are balanced by a nice malt profile. A classic IPA for any hop lover.

gizmo deep blue saison

Gizmo Brew Works, Raleigh NC

Deep Blue Saison – ABV 6.4%

Available in 220z bottles $6.99
We’re happy to announce that we have more Gizmo beer in stock at Taylor’s! Since 2013 Gizmo has captivated craft lovers with their clean and easy drinking beers. Inspired by creators and thinkers, Gizmo has modeled their beers and brewery after the industrial area in which they are located. If you ever get a chance to stop by their tasting room, you’ll see their passion and dedication focuses on beer more than anything else. Currently, their spring/summer seasonal is out and it’s phenomenal. Deep Blue is a blueberry saison named after two separate incidents in which humans were defeated by artificial intelligence. The first in 1997 when “Deep Blue,” a computer created by IBM, defeated a chess master at his own craft. The second, when Samuel L. Jackson was defeated by the computer engineered shark in the 1999 film “Deep Blue Sea.” The beer is a tribute to these two who have fallen victim to technology. It’s a pretty solid tribute considering the level of flavor this saison has. Aromas of fresh blueberries and earthy grass fill the nose. Fresh blueberries and sweet malts with some herbal spice give a nice easy drinking flavor profile. The creamy and smooth mouthfeel add an extra refreshing layer making this beer perfect for spring.

Jai Alai IPA

Cigar City Brewing, Tampa FL

Jai Alai IPA – ABV 7.5%

Available in 6 pack cans $12.99
There are many of you who have been keeping an eye out for more white oak aged Jai Alai. Unfortunately at this time, we do not know when we will be getting more in stock. However, we have many other great beers from Cigar City currently available including the classic Jai Alai IPA. As a refresher, this IPA features 6 hop varietals including Simcoe, Amarillo, Cascade, Motueka, Centennial, and CTZ, producing a lot of intense flavors and aromas. Right away you get a huge floral aroma laced with citrus fruit especially oranges. There’s a lot of citrus flavors as well and you get the tangerine and orange peel notes again. Despite the lighter body, this IPA has a nice maltiness to it. There’s a subtle caramel flavor dancing in the background of the fruit. It’s a richness that’s really refreshing and makes
this IPA pair well with food especially anything hot and spicy! We will update all of our pages including our Untappd menu as soon as Jai Alai aged on white oak becomes available again.

avery brewing el gose

Avery Brewing, Boulder CO

El Gose ABV – 4.5%

Available in 6 pack cans $12.99
Since 1993 Avery Brewing has created award winning beers. Combining older more traditional brewing styles with contemporary techniques make their beer unique and complex. They’re well known for their barrel aging program which has produced highly regarded stouts. They’ve been successful in producing all kinds of styles, however, and this gose is no different. Much lighter than a stout, this German style unfiltered wheat beer is brewed with lime and sea salt. This is the perfect beer to bring on the boat or for a day at the pool! Very similar taste profile to a margarita, the tart lime cut with seal salt makes this gose refreshing and thirst quenching. And don’t forget for the entire month of June, wheat beers are an additional 20% off!

Cool Off with June’s Craft Beer Sale!

Now through June 30th, all Craft Wheat Beers will be an Additional 20% Off including Singles!


Wheat beers have maintained their popularity through their versatility and easy drinking characteristics. Although the category of wheat beer is broad, many styles that use more wheat than any other grain share a lot of similarities. Wheat beers are very light and refreshing with a nice smooth and silky mouthfeel that makes them great for warmer months. They have a mild aroma and flavor easily enhanced by spices and fruits to give them interesting complexity and depth without compromising that refreshing and clean nature.

The varieties of wheat beers are rooted in German and Belgian styles. A standard Belgian wheat beer will contain orange peel and coriander. Expect a spicy citrusy aroma and flavor. German wheat beers are a little more complex with sour and tart variations. Expect those same refreshing characteristics but aromas can vary between banana and clove to other fruits. Tart flavors result from the addition of lactic acid. This is true for the Gose style. Salt is often added to give a bite and heighten that thirst quenching aspect. There are many styles that fall under the umbrella of wheat beers and we have a fair amount in stock at Taylor’s!

Andi’s featured WHEAT BEER picks for June!


Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen
Available in 6 pack cans $11.99

Counter Clockweisse Berliner Weisse
Available in 4 pack cans $10.99

Available in 6 pack cans $13.99


Florida Cracker Witbier $11.99
Available in 6 pack cans

Weeping Willow Witbier
Available in 6 pack bottles $11.99

Priscilla Witbier
Available in 6 pack cans $11.99


Oarsman Tart Pale Wheat Ale
Available in 6 pack cans $10.99

White Oak Wheatwine aged in Bourbon Barrels
Available in 750 mL bottles $17.99

Kind of a Big Deal Imperial Honey Wheat Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels
22 oz Bobmers $17.99 – Available in 3 flavors (Ginger & Boysenberry, Strawberry, Cherry)


Romantic Chemistry India Pale Al

Dogfish Head Brewery, Milton DE

Romantic Chemistry India Pale Ale ABV 7.2%

Available in 6 pack bottles $15.99

Pinner Throwback IPA

Oskar Blue’s Brewery, Longmont CO

Pinner Throwback IPA ABV 4.9%

Available in 6 pack cans $11.99

Siren’s Song Belgian Strong

Ommegang Brewery, Cooperstown NY

Siren’s Song Belgian Strong Ale ABV 9%

Available in 4 pack bottles $17.99

Baltic Porter

The Duck-Rabbit Brewery, Farmville NC

Baltic Porter ABV 9%

Available in 6 pack bottles $15.99

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