We pride ourselves in seeking out those hard to get, limited, seasonal and special releases of the best craft beers and microbrews! Although we do carry several brews from local breweries, we also stock up on the tastiest beers from all over! We still carry domestics and imports for those of you who rather kick back with ol’ trusty. Don’t forget to browse our events for any upcoming beer tastings!


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Stiegl Radler Zitrone


Radler Zitrone Lemon

This Zitrone Lemon is pale, yellow gold with an average white head with Pale citrus and lemon on the nose. This brew is zesty, light and definitely different with a bit of sweet lemon and honey in the background. This is a malt beverage specialty that pair perfectly with summer!

Coolcumber Golden Ale

Wicked Weed Brewing


Wicked Weed’s most popular summer beer is back!! Coolcumber Golden Ale! “Summer in Carolina is a time when days grow long, life slows down, and friends draw near. Gardens burst with brisk basil and fresh cucumbers, fireflies illuminate the night sky, and warm days leave us lounging late, our glasses brimming with golden nectar. Summer in the South is best served cool.”

Radler Grapefruit


Stiegl Radler Grapefruit

The Stiegl-Radler Grapefruit is a mix of Stiegl-Goldbräu and fruit juice that is invariably natural and has no artificial sweeteners added to it. The grapefruit juice lends this a naturally cloudy appearance and a tangy fruit flavor, creating a succulent and fruity taste sensation with a refreshing finish.

Off She Gose

Southern Pines Brewing Co.

Off She Gose – ABV 5.5%

Off She Gose is a sweet, refreshing wheat beer that is contradicted by a sour, salty finish. Slamming doors, tears in your beers, and passive aggressiveness compliment the sour and salty spirit of this beer. The zesty citrus and silky wheat will remind you of the small victories that lead to the overall defeat. When its been real, and its been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun, the break up in a can you’ve been looking for is Off She Gose.

Fille de Ferme


Fille de Ferme – ABV 4.1%

The changing seasons never cease to inspire those who grow, craft, and create. Looking towards spring, we source citrus fruits from the heart of winter and the first flowers after the frosts to herald the extension of the light. Spring stretches out before us, and our days grow longer, lending sunlight and joy to guide the work of our hands. Fille de Ferme is a foeder-rested, brettanomyces farmhouse ale. Fermented with honeysuckle and fresh orange zest, this lightly tart ale is their homage to the rustic spirit of old world Belgian-style farm beers.

Steady Rollin Session IPA

Great Lakes Brewing

Steady Rollin’ Session IPA – ABV 4.8%

Inspired by the Great Lakes region, their single hop Session IPA is brewed for days when you can only guess the time based on where the sun sits in the sky. A vibrant landscape of tropical, fruity Mosaic hop aromas and smooth sailing malt flavors.

Vienna Lager


Vienna Lager – ABV 5.2%

Available in 24 pack Tall Boys (16 oz cans)
With its amber chestnut colored good looks and smooth malty finish, Vienna Lager was an obvious choice to put into package. It blends color and flavor without heaviness or bitterness. Just as Vienna Lagers historically inspired Munich’s Oktoberfest beers to evolve, this amber lager has evolved since we opened in 2008 into the award winning beer it is today. Experience the taste and tradition. Mild, Toasted, Caramel.



Devilwood – ABV 10%

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Belgian-Style Ale
The demons of Devilwood strike without warning! Their run on barrel-aged Belgian beers continues. Devilwood is their Bedeviled Golden Ale aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels. Warming and complex, Devilwood reveals an enrapturing coconut flavor from bourbon barrels interacting with their Belgian yeast.

guayabera pale ale

Cigar City Brewing

Guayabera citra pale ale – ABV 5.5%

Bright berry, lime leaf and tangerine aromas and flavors imparted by our exclusive use of Citra hops are deftly balanced by an assertive bitterness and moderate breadiness from a simple malt bill. Infinitely quaffable but worthy of careful consideration.




Lily Flagg Milk Stout is named for Huntsville’s most famous quadruped. A prize cow owned by local plantation owner Samuel B. Moore, Lily Flagg was honored as one of the world’s best butterfat producers in 1892 at an exposition in Chicago. This dark, rich beer contains tons of roasted malt goodness, hints of chocolate and coffee and a creamy mouth feel from the addition of milk sugars during the brewing process.




Bold, spicy and Menacingly Delicious™, this American-hopped IPA offers an aromatic punch and follows through with a lasting, full-bodied finish. Pine and citrus filled nose from the American hops. Malt sweetness in there as well. Drinkable hop juiciness is the key while remaining balanced with ample caramel presence. Pairs perfect with Cheddar cheese, BBQ ribs and grilled meats!

Stone IPA Mixed 12 Pack


All IPA Mixed 12 Pack

This Special Release includes:
STONE HOP REVOLVER IPA: The aim of this experimental, hop-centric series is to demonstrate just how dramatically a single hop can impact a beer.
STONE DELICIOUS IPA: A citrusy IPA with Lemondrop & El Dorado Hops; Crafted to reduce gluten.
STONE PATASKALA RED X IPA: A massively dry-hopped deep crimson IPA (A redder shade of IPA).
STONE RUINATION DOUBLE IPA 2.0: A liquid peam to the glory of hop!




Their first pear hard cider, Grizzly melds soft notes of pear & prickly pear cactus balanced with a sharp apple finish with a hint of elderflower. No bears were harmed in the making of this product.




JavaHead is like a day at Tröegs; it’s hard to tell where the coffee ends and the beer begins. This creamy oatmeal stout is infused with locally roasted, cold steeped coffee through our HopBack vessel releasing subtle hints of cocoa, roasted nuts and dark mocha.




Refinement gets a refresh! The Tonic is our spring/summer seasonal that paris well with warm weather, sunshine, and everything outdoors. The crisp cucumber notes meld well with the fresh ginger we juiced and added in at the end of fermentation. The Tonic is being realeased this 2017 season for the first time in cans due to a high volume of requests.

We’re excited to announce that we are now an Untapp’d Verified Venue! For those of you who are not as familiar with or have not used Untapp’d, here’s a little bit of information:

Untapp’d is is a social community of cider, mead, and beer drinkers with an unlimited amount of information about different kinds of beer from all over the world. Users can check in to different locations, earn badges, and share the beers they are drinking. You can also build a wishlist of beers you’re excited about or simply view information about a beer you want to try. You can see what people around you are enjoying and you can see local events that are coming up that you would be interested in. You can also rate beers and review them through the site and see other ratings as well. As of early 2017, Untapp’d has reached 5 million users! It’s a great tool for people who would like to be more active in the craft beer community.

Right now, our beer menu is on our Untapp’d page as well as on the Ben’s Bottle Shop Facebook page. This list makes up our entire inventory! Beers are organized by style and then listed alphabetically by brewery. You can search within the menu if you are looking for something specific. This is a live list and will be updated consistently to best reflect what we have in stock at any time. The menu will also always have information on the current monthly sale we have going on at the top of the menu page. Separate menus will be posted before our tasting dates so you can see what we will be pouring! You will be able to view all of our Parking Lot Party dates and Beer Tasting events on our Untapp’d page as well. You can subscribe to us on Untapp’d and will be notified of any events, special release beers we have available, or any other important information we need to share with you!



The craft/micro -brew world is always changing.  Keep an eye on this section so see Andi’s most exciting and newest additions.

We’ve been bringing in some really great new ciders that will cool you down on those warm sunny days! So for the month of May, all ciders and meads (including singles!) are an additional 20% off!

Ciders have been exploding in the craft world for a while now. With a fruit foundation like wine but with a lower ABV like beer and created in a similar process, it’s a style of beverage that is almost a hybrid of the two. Ciders are naturally gluten free and often vegan which makes them a highly accessible drink to anyone. With roots in many different countries and cultures, ciders have evolved to be very complex. In the United States, a “cider” must be made from at least 50% apples. The addition of different fruits and spices make ciders unique and give people a variety when selecting the best one for them.

Now check out whats brewing in Andi’s Beer Corner this Week:

Romantic Chemistry India Pale Al

Dogfish Head Brewery, Milton DE

Romantic Chemistry India Pale Ale ABV 7.2%

Available in 6 pack bottles $15.99
A pioneer in the crafting of fruit-centric IPAs, Dogfish Head is no stranger to using real ingredients in their beers. The use of fruit has been a driving focus of theirs since the beginning. Experimenting with blueberries and cherries, their main goal was to make beers that were complex and not overly sweetened. A fruit beer for people who thought they hated fruit beers. In 1998 they brewed Aprihop, an IPA with apricots, and made it available in their taproom. Romantic Chemistry is Aprihop 2.0. The core ingredients- mangoes, apricots, hops, and ginger- all contain the essential oil myrcene which was the inspiration for pairing them together. Myrcene contributes both aroma and taste to this beer. Tropical fruits, citrus, grass, some caramel, and vanilla fill the nose. The taste is all sweet fruit and a little bit of underlying sour funk from the apricots. The malt backbone balances out the sweetness of the fruit and bitterness very nicely. The finish is dry but some sweetness lingers. Overall this beer is great for anyone who hasn’t met a fruit IPA they liked yet.

Pinner Throwback IPA

Oskar Blue’s Brewery, Longmont CO

Pinner Throwback IPA ABV 4.9%

Available in 6 pack cans $11.99
Their first and only and arguably one of the best session beers ever made is Oskar Blue’s Pinner. First released in 2015 following a high demand for more sessionable beers, “Throwback” refers to the ability to throw a few back in one sitting. It also refers to an old school style of IPA that Oskar Blue’s invoked while creating Pinner. These IPAs are heavy on hops and have lighter ABVs. This IPA is dry-hopped with a rather eclectic variety of hops including Mosaic, Citra, Eldorado, and Azzacca. The variety makes this IPA really complex and approachable for anyone especially people who are fond of an IPA’s tropical profile more than a bitter one. Expect on the nose some pine, tropical fruit, orange rind, grass, and other herbal aromas. The flavor profile just enhances those tropical aromas. Very bright with a nice carbonation that adds a refreshing element to this beer. Floral and fruity hops, citrus fruit especially oranges, and malty undertones that take this IPA to another level. Solid.

Siren’s Song Belgian Strong

Ommegang Brewery, Cooperstown NY

Siren’s Song Belgian Strong Ale ABV 9%

Available in 4 pack bottles $17.99
Ommegang Brewing is known for their focus on staying true to traditional Begian styles of brewing. This has led the brewery to produce only ales since they began in 1997. This particular ale brewed with figs, raisins, and Belgian candi syrup, was inspired by the songs sung by fabled sirens to lure in sailors. Pitch black in color with heavy aromas of dark fruit, toffee, burnt sugar, caramel. Similar tastes are present: sweet caramel, stone fruits, toffee, raisins, cocoa. There’s quite a presence of roasted malt undertones which really balances out the sweetness. There’s some booze warmth but it’s very slight.The ale acts as a siren song on its own. It definitely creeps up on you and lures you in. Surprisingly easy to drink, we are very impressed with this one.

Baltic Porter

The Duck-Rabbit Brewery, Farmville NC

Baltic Porter ABV 9%

Available in 6 pack bottles $15.99
Favoring older darker styles of beers, Duck-Rabbit has received a lot of recognition for their unconventional lineup of brews. This lineup is meant to give representation to some forgotten or underrepresented beer styles and to appeal to a variety of craft drinkers. Their Baltic Porter acts as an homage to a very old and almost forgotten style of beer. A Baltic porter, originating in the 18th century, is one of the heaviest and darkest of the porter style. They evolved from old English styles of porters which were much stronger than what we think of a porter today and Russian Imperial stouts. Baltic porters were popular in the area we now call the Baltic states, hence the name. It was also brewed in other parts of eastern Europe like Poland and and Russia. Duck-Rabbit’s version pours a dark black. Roasted malts, dark fruits, chocolate, a hint of coffee fill the nose. The roasted malts dominate the flavor profile with some sweet chocolate and smoke lingering in the finish. This beer is definitely meant to be savored and even cellared. We recommend enjoying at room temperature.



Bell's Brewery


A traditional Doppelbock fermented with an old world yeast. Reddish brown in color with a mild hop profile, Consecrator is a well-balanced, full-bodied lager with hints of caramel and molasses in its smooth, malty finish after spending 3 months maturing in our fermentation tanks.

Blood Orange IPA

21st Amendment Brewery

Brew Free or Die Blood Orange IPA ABV 7%

Because sometimes, real fruit just makes things even more delicious. Blood Orange Brew Free! is brewed like our original west coast style Brew Free! or Die IPA, but with an abundance of fresh blood orange puree and a twist of citrusy dry hops. Refreshingly different. As Abe would say, “Whatever you are, be a good one.”


Tröegs Independent Brewing

First Cut Mango IPA – 6.2% ABV

Each spring, hop growers dust off their pruning shears and trim the first shoots, bolstering the bines for a rich growing season. First Cut – a mouthful of silky Simcoe and a touch of mango – is a nod to this ritual, without which the world would be a less hoppy place.

Daycation IPA

Highland Brewing Co.

Daycation IPA AVB 4.9%

Sit back and relax or grab your pack and go – this IPA is up for anything. Lively and light-bodied, Daycation celebrates Mosaic®’s stone fruit and herbal notes, while El Dorado®, and Azacca®™ dry hop adds layers of bright citrus. Balanced by a varied malt profile, with enough bitterness to satisfy hop enthusiasts, this beer is crafted to bring you back for more.

Founders Brewing All Day IPA

Founders Brewing, Grand Rapids MI

 All Day IPA Session IPA – ABV 4.7%

Available in 15 pack cans $22.99 and 19.2 0z cans $2.00
Well known for being huge players in the extreme beer game, Founder’s has produced beers with some of the biggest flavors and the highest ABV’s craft beer culture has seen. So it’s a little surprising to see them brew a light session ale. Session beers are beers that have ABV’s that will never exceed 5% so you can enjoy multiple in one “session.” Staying true to their “brewed for us” mantra, the guys at Founder’s wanted to make a beer that fit their busy lifestyles. They created their first and only session IPA to pack in as much flavor and complexity as any of their other beers but with more drinkability. All Day has big floral aromas and a clean citrus taste with a slight bitter finish that lingers on the tongue. Not heavy on the malts so it’s pretty thin bodied but that makes this IPA that much more easy to drink.

Hell or High Watermelon Ale

21st Amendment Brewery, San Francisco, CA

Hell or High Watermelon American Wheat Ale – ABV 4.9%

Available in 6 pack cans $10.99 and 15 pack cans $28.99
The famous seasonal from 21st Amendment is back at Taylor’s! It started out as a traditional wheat beer and then underwent a second fermentation process using fresh watermelons. You can smell the sweet watermelon when you open the can! It may seem like the fruit would be the star here, but don’t forget this is a wheat beer first. The watermelon dances underneath those warm malty flavors and lingers on your tongue rather than dominates the entire experience. Definitely a must have Spring and Summer beer.

Chocolate Mint Pretzel Stout



New Release! Brewed with German Pilsner, Special B, Chocolate Wheat and White Wheat for the grain bill and also added cacao nibs and salt at various times of the brew process along with MINT and beer then aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. So Yummy!




It Back! Brewed with German Pilsner, Special B, Chocolate Wheat and White Wheat for the grain bill and also added cacao nibs and salt at various times of the brew process, and then aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. This one will not last!

The walking dead IPA

Terrapin Brewing, Athens GA

The Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA – ABV 6.7%

Available in 6 pack cans $12.99
So excited about the latest arrival from Terrapin! This blood orange IPA is the official beer of The Walking Dead released just in time for the start of season 7. It’s been known that the guys making The Walking Dead really appreciate local craft beer. Case stacks from Terrapin and other breweries in Georgia, the same place The Walking Dead was filmed, have made appearances in previous episodes of the show. Showing even more appreciation for the craft, Terrapin and the show’s creator Robert Kirkman partnered together to brew a beer TWD fans would love. With a ton of fresh hops and blood orange peel, this IPA is juicy and fresh. A great and easy to drink IPA, this beer was made to be enjoyed while watching the show. Pair it with braaaains!


Stone Tangerine Express IPA

Stone Brewing, Escondido CA

Tangerine Express IPA ABV 6.7%

Available in 22oz. Bombers $5.99
Stone, known for brewing big bold complex beers, dedicates most of their brew space to IPAs. if you’re familiar with their “Enjoy By” series, you probably know they’re committed to being really transparent about the freshness and quality of every beer they produce. This transparency is rooted in the ingredients they use while brewing. Their IPAs are often loaded with a crazy level of hops and sometimes contain fresh fruit. This particular release features whole tangerines and pineapple. Every part of the tangerine is employed including the bitter pith. Rather than excluding this part of the fruit, the guys at Stone built up the hop bill. Sterling, Citra, Centennial, Azacca, and Mosaic hops are used to transform the fruit and intensify the drinking experience. All of these hops contribute a floral aroma and some citrus. Expect a lot of tangerine, lemon, melon, and just pure tropical bliss. The Sterling and Mosaic hops add a layer of herbal spice that makes this IPA that much more complex. The pineapple lingers in the background and really grounds the tangerine, heightening the fruity tropical notes.

Terrapin Lucille Stout

Terrapin Beer Co., Athens GA

Lucille Imperial Stout ABV 9.4%

Available in 500 mL bottle $12.99
If you’ve seen the latest seasons of The Walking Dead (or even read the comics) you have already met one of the most sinister villains that has tormented Rick and his crew. Infamous Negan wields a barbed wire covered baseball bat named “Lucille.” Terrapin brewed a beer inspired by her and packaged it in a baseball shape bottle. This imperial stout is brewed with blackstrap molasses and vanilla and aged on all the wood used to make baseball bats which includes white ash, hickory, and maple. Don’t mistake the molasses as adding a lot of sweetness. Blackstrap imparts a bold and strong flavor. Super buttery and less sweet, it’s more like toffee. This is complimented well by the vanilla which adds an extra layer of smoothness. The malt bill is crazy. it features flaked oats, flaked barley, chocolate malt, black malt, and roast malt. Expect a huge roasted and nutty flavor profile. This would be a great dessert beer paired with something sweet and chocolatey. Despite the booze, it’s very easy to drink. Don’t underestimate Lucille, she’s pretty intense weighing in at a 9.4%. We’ve already seen what kind of damage “Lucille” can do to a head and the beer is no different.

Briney Melon Gose

Anderson Valley Brewing, Boonville CA

Briney Melon Gose ABV 4.2%

Available in 6 pack cans $12.99
The explosion of beers featuring sour and tart flavor profiles has translated well to breweries making beers people want to experiment with. Anderson Valley is a great resource for anyone trying to break into sours. This is one of many Goses they havebrewed and they’re all fantastic. A Gose is a German style wheat beer brewed with at least 50% malted wheat. They are typically low in ABV and have a lemony and salty taste to them. Most often brewers showcase fruit in Goses because the style is already so refreshing that the fruit pairs well with them. Britney Melon features watermelon as its fruit substitute. It is also brewed with sea salt, adding to that already salty flavor profile Goses tend to have. Despite the watermelon being the star ingredient, it doesn’t impart any kind of candied or artificial flavors some might expect from a watermelon beer. Remember this is a Gose and the tartness is going to dominate any fruit. The biggest takeaway from the watermelon is the aroma which holds a lot of lemon, pine, and melon. There’s also a bit of spice on the nose probably from the Bravo hops which are super earthy. The watermelon also makes this beer very refreshing. It has a big “thirst-quencher” characteristic making this beer great for the beach.

Jai Alai IPA

Cigar City Brewing, Tampa FL

Jai Alai IPA ABV 7.5%

Available in 6 pack cans $12.99
Cigar City’s most popular beer, Jai Alai is now at Taylor’s and we are so excited! Named after the game native to the Basque region of Spain, there was a huge Jai Alai community in Florida. It still exists in the Miami region but Tampa once housed a very busy Jai Alai fronton, the building where the game is played. The fronton closed in the late 90’s but Cigar City still takes pride in that aspect of their hometown’s culture. This beer, like all of their others, is inspired by Tampa life and community. It won gold in the Best Florida Beer Championship in 2010 and silver in the same championship in 2011. Featuring 6 hop varietals including Simcoe, Amarillo, Cascade, Motueka, Centennial, and CTZ, there’s a lot of intense flavors and aromas going on in this beer. Right away you get a huge floral aroma laced with citrus fruit especially oranges. There’s a lot of citrus flavors as well and you get the tangerine and orange peel notes again. Despite the lighter body, this IPA has a nice maltiness to it. There’s a subtle caramel flavor dancing in the background of the fruit. It’s a richness that’s really refreshing and makes this IPA pair well with food especially anything hot and spicy!


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